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Young Indian Cricketer, Anuj Choudhary Says He’d Love To Face The Bowling Of Jasprit Bumrah & Mitchell Starc

Young Indian national cricketer, Anuj Choudhary is one of the brightest talents nation has for its future. Passionate for cricket since his childhood, Anuj started playing when he was 11. At the age of 14, he started bowling for IPL teams’ practice sessions. He did it consecutively for 3 years and later also became a part of the Delhi U16 Team’s reserved players.

Thanks to his dedication, Anuj went from strength to strength. In 2019, he went To SM Stadium, Jaipur to bowl Rajasthan Royals (IPL) and also played DDCA & many more leagues All over India.

Over the years, Anuj Choudhary has faced severe challenges but he kept his fire alive and kept on moving. The right-hand batsman and right-arm off-spin bowler has gone from strength to strength with his constant efforts and hard work. It won’t be wrong to believe that he will soon get an entry in the Indian international cricket team as well.

Ask him about which international bowler he’d like to face, Anuj takes the name of Jasprit Bumrah & Mitchell Starc. He says that  he would love to face Jasprit Bumrah & Mitchell Starc for the accuracy they bowl with. “It would be a great challenge. The yorkers and death bowling will be a great challange. To compete with the best is always a great chance to better yourself.” says Anuj.

Anuj Choudhary also opens up about his plans for 2023. While he is currently working hard for the upcoming Ranji Trophy, he is also excited for the ongoing and upcoming local and big tournaments. Anuj is set to participate in some cash prize tournaments from various states.

Anuj Choudhary gives huge importance to fitness and says it plays a crucial role in boosting your performance. Anuj makes sure to keep his fitness levels high by striking a balance between diet and training. He says that fitness requires consistency and the crucial part to stay fit is diet + training. According to him, diet plays a major role in the fitness journey.

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