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  • Your fingertips to diagnose your future illnesses through Aura Analysis

    Published on March 21, 2014

    Mumbai: In what it may seem like a science fiction but the revolutionary latest Technology GDV camera claims that the aura images taken from this Kirlian technology can forecast the illnesses in body. The services are now available in Mumbai as Dr IMG_1231Jashvant Shah, an expert on the subject, has procured the technology from Russia for the first time in India.

    The product and its usability will be at the display during the upcoming “ASTROOWORLD 2014” Exhibition at Bombay Exhibition Centre in Goregaon from March 22nd to 23rd. Informing about the GDV camera, Dr Shah said, “The GDV Camera complex consists of hardware and software, for the direct computer registration and processing of a subject’s energy field. GDV pictures are created by a unique patented optical system and CCD camera in daylight conditions with real-time processing. Diagnosis by Kirlian photography every six months can be useful for prevention of major diseases of brain, heart, kidney, lungs or intestines.”

    The worldwide human genome project is for prediction of diseases. It is an international, collaborative research program whose goal is the complete mapping and understanding of all the Genes of Human beings. Gene is one of the factors controlling heredity. This project will give healthcare providers immense new powers to treat, prevent and cure diseases. Research in alternative medicine can help to prevent diseases at much lesser costs.

    In 1939 a Russian photographer Mr. Samuan Kirlian had invented a camera to take photograph of human aura. After his name this camera is known as Kirlian camera. Dr. Konstantein Koroktov, Russian Scientist and Professor of Physics in St. Petersburg Technical University made this camera, computerised it and introduced in many scientific functions.

    The product will be displayed and launched during this Exhibition. Ms Siraj Jondhale, representing Jondhale Group’s initiative AstrooWorld said, “This is the only kind of initiative which provides a large platform to leading Celebrity Astrologers, Tarot Card Readers, Numerologists, Vastu Experts, Pranic /Spiritual Healers and many more experts from various parts of the country will be participating in the show”. The exhibition brings in best of the Gurus from various streams like, Past Life Regression, Face Readers, Aura Readers, Angel Card Readers, Hand Writing Analysis and Signature Analysis Experts, Yogic Laugh and more. Series of short workshops by many of the leading exhibitors will be conducted throughout the show.

    Source : Sachin Murdeshwar