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  • Youth leader Ayaan Sharma focuses on promoting ecotourism within Himachal Pradesh

    Published on December 30, 2021

    Focusing on advancing Manali, HP, he will be taking multiple steps ahead to promote ecotourism.

    A lot of individuals, especially youngsters today, have come to the forefront of various industries of the world. This evident rise of young minds and talented beings across industries proves how desperately they want to bring about a wave of great change in their sectors and push growth forward in ways more than one. The youngsters of today are not just about attaining success, but about making a positive difference in society through their efforts, which has what helped them become prominent personalities in their fields. Ayaan Sharma is all about this and much more, who, as a youth leader and young personality of Kullu-Manali, has made waves in all that he has chosen to take in his hands for the betterment of his town in Himachal Pradesh.

    Keeping the focus on Manali, in 2022, Ayaan Sharma has now decided to take many steps ahead to advance his state and for that has been focusing on promoting ecotourism within Himachal Pradesh, quoting, “2022 will be one step ahead in ecotourism.” This very movement has been created by this young talent after getting announced as the president of HECO (Himalayan environmental conservation Organization, Himachal Pradesh). Talking about ecotourism, Ayaan Sharma says that he always wanted to give more importance to this form of tourism, involving responsible travel to natural environments, for making people more aware of their surroundings and motivating them to conserve the environment. This led him to initiate this movement, which has yet again helped him garner more headlines.

    Adding further, the former filmmaker and current youth leader says that all of this won’t be an easy task, keeping in mind the ongoing Corona situation. However, he is determined in his visions and hence, wants to leave no stone unturned to turn the same into reality. Also, he mentions that he has been in talks to install WiFi bins in and around Manali and Lahaul, and Spiti, which could help secure the overflow of garbage that creates smelly areas. 
    Ayaan Sharma has emerged as a youth leader and now doesn’t want to stop for anyone to make his dreams for his state come true. Find out more about him through his Instagram @ayaansharmahp.


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