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  • YouTube is trying to be New Television, Anubhav Roy, YouTube Star

    Published on August 21, 2019

    Hyderabad: Is Facebook a dying platform? Yes says YouTube sensation Anubhav Roy, 22 years YouTuber while addressing a 100 plus gathering of Young FICCI Ladies Organization on “How to create a personal brand online for your firm” here in the city on Wednesday afternoon at Hotel Park Hyatt.

    I don’t remember exactly when I last updated my Facebook page said Anubhav a diploma holder in Cinematography from Delhi. It may be two years are so I last updated my Facebook. Facebook growth has become slowed down. Facebook stopped being fun. It acquired Instagram. Instagram is now Young People’s Facebook now, adds Anubhav.

    In today’s world no matter what the question is the answer is always Google! said Shilpa Datla, Chairperson of YFLO in her opening remarks. This is the third series in the transformation journey towards a ‘New You’, the theme for the year, Shilpa Datla informed.

    Adding more remarks, Shilpa said, while Columbus needed no Google Map to reach America, we have advanced with technology to reach for the stars and beyond. Every day I hear new words like ‘OOTD’ or ‘Selfie’ and I feel like the advancement of social media is unparalleled and has become so crucial. When we started this year we launched the Instagram page and are happy with the receptivity you all have shown. Technology truly is a boon in today’s times and Social Media is everyone’s cup of tea. Today we have gathered for a fun and two way interactive sessions with someone who I can describe in social media jargon as ‘viral’. I Introduce you all to someone with a 12,000 instagram follower, 1.8million subscribers and 13 million YouTube viewers and basically a social media sensation! Anubhav Roy does not only make you look good on social media but is the go to consultant for understanding and converting opportunities on social media for brand growth Shilpa said.

    He’s here to talk about how to promote the created content smartly to boost growth in your respective markets and platforms with photography tips and tricks, she told.

    The young YouTube Star, a youth sensation who has done B.Sc in Cinema and Diploma in Cinematography observed that Youtube is Becoming New TV. YouTube is slowly moving towards traditional TV audiences. Many people in the age groups of 18 to 50 are hardly paying Television subscriptions. And most of them watching YouTube, Netflix etc he added

    The young lad Anubhav Roy spoke about how to build Internet personalities. He gave five keys points to people with smartphones in their palms. When you want to click pics with your smart phone use it manual mode. Stop using digital zooming. Instead take  few steps close and click a pic from a close distance. Turn on OIS and EIS features.

    The OIS feature in Smartphone is optical image stabilizer, is a mechanism used in a still camera or video camera that stabilizes the recorded image by varying the optical path to the sensor. Electronic image stabilization (EIS) is an image enhancement technique using electronic processing he explained

    He told his audience to understand the rule of thirds. This means you should put horizontal or vertical lines, such as the horizon or someone standing in your picture along imaginary lines that divide the frame into thirds. … It’s far better to have the horizon either two-thirds from the top of the frame or two-thirds from the bottom, he explained.

    The first step in branding online is to create a content. You can use your mobile and create photo and video content. Creating content using smartphones is easy, zero effort and has unlimited potential he said

    Your selfies and day to day videos can be your content. Once you have content, you need to promote that content. How do you and where do you promote the content? You can do so it on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook  he told them.

    Always shoot videos in landscape. Don’t spend much time on Facebook. Invest in ads. He told his audience to creat Instagram business profile. Use relevant hashtags, more the merrier. You can use hashtags upto 24/25 for every post. Have consistency in your posts.

    YouTube’s top stars and content creators have more audiences than the people/population of some countries informed Shilpa Datla, Chairperson, YFLO

    With growing popularity YouTube is taken as a fulltime career by many youth Anubhav added

    This Program was organised as part of this year’s theme “ The New You’, it’s a personal, physical and professional transformation offered to our members. Keeping that in mind last time we have invited Sushmita Sen, added Shilpa

    With continuously growing active internet users in India which is put at 50 plus crores  and watching millions of videos this space is most happening. And these viewers are generating billions of video views on YouTube every day. You will be astonished to know that YouTube’s top stars are generating more views than the most popular TV Soaps, programs here in our country.

    The popularity of the world’s largest video hosting websites is growing on leaps and bounds every day.  YouTube has a impact in many fields, with some individual YouTube videos having directly shaped world events. YouTube allows one to create inexpensive video content. It also enables distribution of the same. The content informs, educates and entertains tells Shilpa.

    With ever-growing importance of YouTube, many people are taking YouTube as their full-time career. YouTube is used to established online brand image by many.  With this background, YFLO Hyderabad Chapter has decided to organise a Workshop with TechGuru and YouTuber.

     Anubhav Roy is a social media and YouTube influencer. His Facebook describes him as an Ambassador and Video Creator at YouTube.  He has around 1, 86, 371  subscribers and nearly 13 million views . He is a winner of YouTube Next Up Commercial and also the designated Next Up King.

    Anubhav Roy is a speaker for ATOAI, One Plus India, YouTube.

    He began his journey on YouTube in September 2015 as fifteen years old boy.  Within first hundred days he reached 5000 subscribers.  Since then he never looked back.  Then he didn’t know much about the subject. But, he wanted to try uploading a video on a topic, he though people would find interesting.

    I used to watch a lot iGyaan, C4etech, MKBHD, Coolosertech and others, When I saw them I got an inspiration. I felt that I too can do it, he shares. So the 15years old, began his journey, uploading videos weekly once. But, when he started he didn’t have any knowledge on video editing nor he had a good camera.  He learnt it by trial and error.

    It was an unknown journey.  There was a lot of fear, uncertainty. Issues of royalty free background music etc were always a challenge.

    I am an average student. Till 10th class it was alright, but performance suffered due to managing a WebChannel which is so large, share Anubhav/

    He doesnt believe in the rat race of subscribers and views. Instead curate content so well, then you will be the king. Youtube is already flooded with the below average content.  You need to be content curator, creator, and inventor.  Create, invent, develop.  Develop your own style, work hard, there is no substitute to success, he professes

    In an internet era, the content is the king. And within the content, Original content is the king. Within the original content, video content is the king informs Shilpa Datla.  We are being a Youth organization, we have roped in this young tech  guru, she says.

    A Student of Cinematography at  AAFT Unviersity  of Media and Arts in New Delhi, he  shared lot of insights in this domain in the workshop with young members.