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  • Wednesday, September, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:39:35
  • Nowadays there are alot of online stuffs through which demos can earn if they use these avenues wisely. Umpteen try to earn money by creating contents on social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. But for all these you need varied ways to make the content watchable, for instance videos should be short, of high quality, pellucid and the most important not copied content. Lots of youtubers beget their videos and get popularity within a couple of days, if the content is not boring. 

    One of the highly successful youtubers, a name has recently introduced, Mahi Lakra, born in 1996 in New Delhi. Due to her height, beauteousness and modeling qualities, she was cast in “Kaali Thar” song by Tanu Kharkhoda. Her work in the song was admired and later she went on to cast in music videos like Challan Cut Rha, Jaat Ka Pyar by Amit Dhull, Jhanjhar vs Gun, and Feelings and she has many songs ready to release on youtube.

    On Aug 5, 2020, she created her youtube channel and started making prank videos. In no time, her you tube videos got the pan India reach and she became popular and now her estimated worth is approximately $50,000. She is passionate, confident, honest and self motivated girl and always keeps herself calm. According to Mahi, gone are the days where girls used to be behind curtain and depended on her father, brother or husband. Now the time has come to climb all the odds and shine bright like stars.

    With all these qualities, Mahi Lakra is here to conquer the world with her positivity and loyalty. 


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