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  • Yung Sam: This multi-talented artist from Nigeria has mastery over anything and everything related to music

    Published on March 29, 2022

    Very few artists have the ability to master grasp music elements like Samuel Casca, more popularly known as Yung Sam. This powerhouse of talents can sing, rap and even write songs, to top it all he’s also a producer, which is quite amazing. He comes from Nigeria, Africa now settled in Sacramento, California since the age of 10. Coming from a family who were not even remotely connected with music, he has come a long way. Sam recollects how he as a child used to dream about being a global music star and secretly kept fuelling his dreams till he achieved it at a later stage in life.

    What distinguishes Sam from other music artists is his unique style which blends pop and rap, along with his story telling, backed by meaningful lyrics that sets him apart from the crowd. He says that his songs brings out a clear picture in the minds of listeners when they hear them, and that’s his USP. He was pursuing music from a long time, but never in his wildest dreams did he think that he would come so far, getting wide recognition . “I remember the kind of high I experienced when my first song premiered on television. That day was memorable, which will be etched in my mind forever,” says the talented music artist who is inching step by step towards success.

    He has had many special moments in his career as a music artist, but one that will always be special is sitting amongst the who’s who of the music world at the iheart radio awards and getting introduced to some of his favorite artists like Post Malone, Russ, ty $, lil yatchy and several others. Sam says that so far he has had a smooth ride, though there were a few obstacles initially as his style was a bit different as people didn’t sync right away with his music, but now they have understood and accepted his music making style and applaud him for his work.

    On asked where does he want to go from here, Sam says, “I want to see myself on billboard charts a few years down the line as I believe my craft can help me reach those towering heights, it’s only a matter of time till I reach there and gain global recognition.”


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