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  • Yuvraj Singh Yadav, popular as Ysquar3 with “Sanctum,” emerges as one of the finest musical talents in the Indian music scene

    Published on September 25, 2022

    Interestingly, “Sanctum,” the first release under his new record label Sanctum, has already been received with much love and admiration from music lovers.

    Having the vision to attain specific goals in life is one thing, but to face challenges head-on, walk on unconventional paths, and make every possible effort to turn those visions into a reality is a whole other game. However, there have been a few individuals, especially from the younger brigade, who have been creating milestones with each of their ventures and endeavours, and that is how they have gone ahead in becoming well-known personalities in their industries, despite the massive competition. Who better than Yuvraj Singh Yadav, popular as Ysquar3, to serve as an example here?

    Ysquar3 stands tall and unique as one of the rarest gems in the music world, who, at a very young age, has already created massive momentum in the field and, in such a short span, has also been able to win hearts in the industry with each of his musical projects and record labels. With each of his songs so far, Ysquar3 has taken multiple steps ahead in the game
    called music and has astonished people with his excellence in varied genres, which is one of the major reasons for the young artist to stand distinctive from the rest in the industry. His new record label named, Sanctum, released its first song, Sanctum, effortlessly exuding his
    passion for creating a mesmerizing vibe for listeners.

    Sanctum serves as a growing melodic techno label with progressions that can give listeners a never-heard-before musical experience, and this has what helped Ysquar3 garner so much love for the song and his new record label. This young talent is also known for his incredible mixes and so far has shared the stage with several other top artists in the industry. Attaining thousands of streams on top streaming platforms like Spotify, he has showcased what he truly possesses as a true-blue music artist.

    Consistently dropping newer and fresher tracks has helped Ysquar3 (@ysquar3) garner more recognition in the industry, and from here, he only wants to keep doing his best in all his future endeavours as well.


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