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  • ZALL Foundation partners Alibaba to launch ebook on Fangcang Shelter Hospitals in the fight against COVID-19

    Published on April 29, 2020

    SINGAPORE :  ZALL Foundation, in partnership with the Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation has launched an ebook on Alibaba’s Global MediXchange to help governments and front line medical professionals set up and operate ‘Fangcang Shelter Hospitals’ to empower countries around the world in their fight against COVID-19. Fangcang shelter hospitals are large-scale, temporary hospitals, rapidly built by converting existing public venues, such as stadiums and exhibition centres, into health-care facilities. They were first implemented in Wuhan in February and played an important role in China’s fight against COVID-19.

    ZALL Group was among the first to help set up emergency hospitals in China, at the onset of the outbreak. It has set up seven emergency hospitals in Wuhan, Huanggang and Suizhou cities of Hubei, and three Fangcang shelter hospitals in Wuhan, comprising more than 9,500 beds to take in and treat patients infected with the coronavirus. Two of the first three Fangcang Shelter Hospitals set up in Wuhan were redeveloped by ZALL Group Property from existing buildings, while ZALL Foundation was responsible for the provision of essential medical supplies and logistical support to facilitate the running of these shelter hospitals. In total, the two shelter hospitals have been instrumental in diagnosing, treating and curing 3,663 patients.

    Mr Yan Zhi, Founder of ZALL Foundation commented, “Drawing from our practical experience in containing COVID-19, Fangcang shelter hospitals could be powerful components of national responses towards COVID-19, as well as future epidemics and public health emergencies. We have prepared this resource to share our knowledge and experience on the operation of Fangcang shelter hospitals so that we may better support countries around the world to build and operate the Fangcang as soon as possible to collectively contribute towards global efforts to fight against COVID-19.”

    Mr Yan’s sentiments echoed an earlier statement from Jack Ma, Founder of Jack Ma Foundation, who had said: “Hospitals in outbreak countries are facing huge challenges coping with the surge of patients. At this moment, we can’t beat this virus unless we eliminate boundaries to resources and share our know-how and hard-earned lessons.”

    Under the medical expertise and guidance of Professor Wang Chen, this ebook encompasses knowledge and experience distilled from the running of these Fangcang shelter hospitals, and will cover five important aspects, namely the proposal, design, renovation, operation and logistical support for shelter hospitals. This ebook aims to be a useful reference for epidemic prevention and control work in regions around the world.

    Currently, the ebook has been published in English and Mandarin, and will be translated by volunteers from all over the world into more than 20 different languages.