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  • Monday, December, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:43:09
  • Bringing alive how TV plays a pivotal role in our everyday life, just like a family member

    Mumbai : ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL), India’s leading media and entertainment powerhouse has today announced the launch of the second edition of its successful #TVIsFamily campaign to mark the occasion of World Television Day. This year, the company has introduced a quirky twist to the #TVIsFamily campaign by introducing peers of the television set – Radio, Mobile Phone, Laptop, Cinema, etc. highlighting the conversation between these gadgets on television’s special day.

    Taking last year’s thought forward, the one-of-its-kind campaign aims to personify television and focuses on the ubiquitous role it plays in every family, be an undeniable presence through the highs and lows, the laughter and much more. The campaign further acknowledges the growing influence of other gadgets in users’ life for consuming content, before asserting that despite this, 765 million people across the country still spend an incomparable 903 billion mins watching TV every week.

    Speaking on the campaign, Kartik Mahadev, Chief Marketing Officer, Content Business, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. said, “TV has been the most trusted and preferred medium reaching 200mn households for decades now. We are delighted to roll out another edition of the #TVIsFamily campaign this year, wherein we have tried to bring to life the emotional connection that audiences have with television. Last year, the ad film received a phenomenal response from viewers who related to the bond they share with television. The introduction of television has been truly transformative and progressive for the global entertainment industry. For decades, television has provided a huge platform to creators, artists, and others by being an effective medium of taking their work to every household across the globe. With more and more mediums of entertainment and information emerging in the past few years, we wanted to bring to the fore how television will always have an undeniable chord with the viewers for generations to come.”

    With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in a nationwide lockdown in March 2020 and people being confined to their homes, the emotional connect of viewers with television has witnessed a significant surge. During such turbulent and uncertain times, with OTT players disrupting the entertainment industry, television remained the most preferred source of content consumption for Indians. The campaign is truly a tribute to television’s spirit of entertaining families, standing tall as a support system to help its family members navigate through these tough times.

    The #TVIsFamily campaign aims to recognize the role of television as any family member by making it part of the family portrait picture. In line with this, ZEEL is building one of the biggest digital walls on its social media properties, sharing pictures of families recognizing television as an integral part of their lives. Along with participation from the viewers, the digital wall also includes the star cast from some of ZEE’s most iconic shows. From ZEE TV’s Kumkum Bhagya and ZEE Bangla’s Hruta to ZEE Keralam’s Neeyum Njanum and ZEE Telugu’s Rowdy Gari Pellam, the characters of multiple prime time shows have sparked social media banter around celebrating the small screen’s presence by posing for a family portrait with television.

    ZEEL kickstarted this inspiring campaign on 19th November with the introduction of fellow screens such as mobile, laptop, television, cinema, radio, etc. in the comic strip format, giving unique identities to each gadget, wherein the gadgets are seen sharing their competitiveness and envy about television’s recognition, despite playing their own roles in bringing entertainment to people. Following an integrated outreach strategy, the campaign successfully highlights that television a window into an alternate universe, an escape for viewers to a world where imagination goes beyond leaps and bounds.


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