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  • Zing focusses on mental health issues and sparks relevant conversations on World Mental Health Day

    Published on October 10, 2021

    Zing as a purpose-driven brand has taken the initiative to sensitize GenZ by starting talks around issues of the mind through a series of informative yet fun Instagram reels on World Mental Health Day, October 10.As an entertainment channel that caters to the youth, these animated short-form videos, as part of their content marketing strategy, are an extension of the progressive conversations on taboo topics that are being highlighted on their tent pole TV show Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (PTKK). Now, having taken it to the larger digital canvas, the idea is to reach out to more young minds, whose engagement online has only grown over the years. These videos draw attention to different mental health issues, journey individuals undertake to overcome them, and things one can do to help themselves or someone who is struggling with ailments of the mind.

    The campaign by the channel also covers other less-discussed topics such as male infertility, healthy relationship affirmations, honour killing and female feticide. While many would choose to turn a deaf ear on such pressing issues, Zing has been the frontrunner is starting important conversations, especially among the youth. They understand that to make this society a happy and healthy space for good things to thrive, the youth needs to be inspired and shown the right direction. Each video series is based on the issues faced by the youth, something that is also shown in the storyline of different episodes of PTKK.

    Speaking about this campaign, Pankaj Balhara, Dy. Business head, Music channels, ZEEL, adds, “At Zing, we always try to bring stories that are real, relatable, inspiring and progressive in nature. With our youth-based show Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’s new season, we have explored less discussed topics and created conversations around the same in the digital world. Mental health is one such important subject that needs to be discussed, and hence on World Mental Health Day we chose short video format as the medium to generate awareness around mental health. With such informative yet easy consumable content, we aim to reach out to the younger audience who spends a lot of time on social media these days and enjoys browsing as well as making such short-form videos. Apart from mental health, under this PTKK campaign, Zing also throws light on various other important subjects through content marketing. We hope our initiative would help GenZ navigate their lives with a better understanding of life and its complexities.”


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