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  • ZunSolar to enlighten every household with its wide range of solar products

    Published on October 2, 2020

    In today’s time, it bleeds a poor man’s pocket to meet his/her daily needs and pay an exhaustive electricity bill of thousands of rupees. Many people are forced to live in darkness because they cannot afford high electricity bills. ZunSolar has brought forth many solar products, including several affordable solar combos, at a very affordable range. The main objective of the company is to liberate the daily wagers, self-employed householders, landless labourers and small shop owners residing in villages and small towns from the huge electricity bills and provide light to every household.

    ZunSolar’s affordable solar combo ranges are available as ZunGrid 2001, ZunGrid 3001, ZunGrid 4001, ZunGrid 5001. The combos include a wide range of products such as solar panels, solar batteries, solar inverters, solar management units, solar charge controllers, MC4 connectors, DC wires – in different combinations.

    These combos are ideal for street lighting, mobile charging and can operate 2 DC bulbs, DC TV, and DC fan amongst other DC electronic products. The solar combos can be operated for a minimum of 8 hours to a maximum of 24 hours, do not require large spaces and can be fit in small areas or houses.

    ZunSolar’saffordable combo range can be of particular importance in the rural areasand can be used by a farmer- who can run a TV and a fan in his home,vegetable vendors-who can charge their mobile phones during the day and small rural vendors- who can light up a bulb, a fan or a TV in their shops. Similarly,these combos can be of much use in rural vehicle garages,small townhouses, food outlets and homes in rural areas, shops, or where there is no electricity. 

    According to Mr. Pranesh Chaudhary, Founder and CEO ZunRoof, “Presently, the common man is already bearing the burden with limited salaries/sources of income. It becomes difficult for him to bear the holes these unusual bills and expenses bring to their pocket. Even today, power cuts in some villages of the country are one of the most severe problems. We at ZunSolar are trying to provide solar products and rooftop installation in a very affordable range. Our dream is to light every household in the country- hence our focus is on innovative and affordable solar products”.

    Many laborers and farmers are not only satisfied with ZunSolar products but, are also happy to get rid of the high electricity bills. Intending to illuminate every house in the country, ZunSolar is giving people a chance to lighten their houses with a combo of the 20-ampere charge controller, 20-ampere battery, and 50W solar panel with a starting price of just INR 6500.