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SPARSH Group of Hospitals Hosts Graduate Felicitation Ceremony 2023 for SPARSH Academy Fellows

Bangalore : In what was a coveted and eagerly anticipated day, over 75 fellows were felicitated by SPARSH Academy, the educational wing of the renowned healthcare services provider in Karnataka, the SPARSH Group of Hospitals. The specialist medical graduates were provided certificates and mementos of their achievements by the legendary  orthopaedic surgeons and educationalists –  Dr. Sharan Patil, Chairman of SPARSH Academy, Chairman of SPARSH Group of Hospitals and Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon and the Guest of Honour at the event – Dr A V Gurava Reddy, Chairman and Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon of Sunshine Hospitals, Hyderabad.

It is to be noted that the Chief Anaesthesiologist at SPARSH, Dr Sharanu Patil was recently appointed Dean of the Academy.  At the event, the SPARSH Alumni Association was also launched with the adoption of the Association Charter by the Founding Executive Committee which consisted of Dr Ravikumar Mukartihal (President), Dr Chandan S (Vice President), Dr Vikram GK Bhat (Hon. Secretary), Dr John Paul M (Faculty Nominee) and Dr Chetan N (Treasurer).

The SPARSH Academy’s Vision is to educate and train post medical students, and fellows in the art and science of medical and surgical practise including diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases as well as communication, professionalism, and ethical principles which are believed to be integral to the training of any medical leader.

Dr. Sharan Patil in his Inaugural Address stated: “SPARSH Academy was set up on the strong belief that an enquiring mind facilitates constant learning is the most enriching process for any human mind. We opened our doors to the student community to keep this quest for greater knowledge alive. The vibrant energy that comes with becoming a teaching and learning organization will help in propagating the knowledge and wisdom. It allows us to multiply our impact exponentially and this is one of the most significant ways that we contribute to our society and build a larger legacy of professionals who are committed to serving the human race.

“Education is the Bedrock of our Legacy. We remain Differentiated because we Share”– these are the words that encapsulate my vision for the unique SPARSH culture. I look forward to building a larger presence for our Academy with a dedicated Campus and R&D wing soon. Education and Innovation are at the heart of our growth plans at SPARSH.”

“I was a fellow in joint replacement surgery at SPARSH in 2022. This event brought back some wonderful memories of my times with colleagues and mentors at the Hospital. It was a great platform to meet everyone and I am excited that with the Alumni formation I can continue to engage with them while also getting the opportunity to connect with the wider network. I hope to be part of all the activities.” said Dr Sriharsha B, MS ORTHO, FIJR, FASM. Assistant professor at ESIC and Model hospital Rajajinagar, one of the graduates who were felicitated at the ceremony.

Addressing the graduating medical students at the gala ceremony, noted orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. A.V. Gurava Reddy said: “It was a great fortune and privilege for me to attend the 1st annual meet of SPARSH in Bangalore. Sharan Patil has been a good friend of mine for the last 20 years and he is a great teacher, academician, entrepreneur and more than anything an excellent human being. I believe that whatever Sharan does, he does with style and aplomb. The alumni meeting also showcased his style and it was very well organised and attended. I was very happy to see these youngsters getting inspired with each other and I spoke to them about the 12 ingredients I believe they need to have to achieve peace and prosperity in life. It was a wonderful interaction with them and I am certain the SPARSH Alumni Association will grow to become the platform for many youngsters to launch their careers and be groomed for higher positions in the future. I request all the Alumni members to play an active role and interact with each other for many more years to come. Well done Sharan and SPARSH team!”

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