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  • Saturday, May, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:57:23
  • Homeopathy can successfully counter COVID 19, claims Dr Pachegaonkar

    Dr. Uttareshwar Pachegaonkar, veteran homoeopathic physician and Director, Sri Aurobindo Centre for Homoeopathy, Puducherry claims “there is effective treatment in Homeopathy system to counter COVID 19”.  According to Dr Pachegaonkar, who has been practicing for over four decades narrates his success in treating a COVID 19 infected patient: Preliminary details of A Case of Covid […]

    Meenakshi Hospital Designs Low Cost Respirator Offering 100% Protection from COVID-19 Infections in Operation Theatres

    Meenakshi Hospital, the largest multispecialty hospital in Thanjavur and a part of Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre, Madurai, has designed a cost-effective purifying respirator system that provides 100% protection from Covid-19 infection for surgeons and other healthcare professionals in operation theatres. This ingenious design, the first in the world, is named Tanjore Air Purifying […]

    Health Ministry issues guidance note for immunization services; Birth dose vaccinations to continue

    Ministry of Health has issued a guidance note for immunization services during and post COVID-19 outbreak. In the guidance note, the Ministry has said that birth dose vaccinations at health facilities will continue irrespective of the categorization of zones amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It said, an area exiting a containment or a buffer zone category […]

    Are no school and play making children suffer mental distress?

    Dr Naveen Jayaram Consultant Psychiatrist, Sakra World Hospital Keeping your family safe from COVID-19 infections is important but one should not ignore the negative impact it might have on your family’s mental health, especially children. Social isolation, physical distancing, and school closure during lockdown have resulted in creating a negative impact in the minds of […]

    Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal performs midnight bone displacement surgery on 6 years’ old amid the lockdown

    Children are being forced to stay at homes due to the pandemic situation we’ve got at the current moment. And keeping them engaged during these situations can be quite difficult. Especially having a hyperactive child around can be a lot riskier. Well, Asha a 6-year-old child’s incident is a combination of both i.e., boredom and […]

    Coping with the unprecedented challenges of working from home

    Authored by Dr. Pallavi A. Joshi, Consultant – Psychiatrist, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield Many of us have leaves or work from home, bringing family members closer than ever before but where is the happiness? Does it really feel like we are on a leave? Not really, because leaves are what we take voluntarily. However, this […]

    Companies go an extra mile for Employee Mental Health

    As work from home becomes the new normal, social distancing can easily take a toll on our mental health in the form of stress, fatigue, even anxiety and other behavioral problems. There has been a 35-40% increase in the number of cases of stress and panic attack in April over previous months, according to data from […]

    Dubai Health Authority launches mobile unit to conduct tests for COVID-19 in densely populated areas

    Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has launched a highly-sophisticated mobile unit to conduct testing for COVID-19 in densely populated areas, especially labour camps. Emirates News Agency said, the testing bus will also be available to certain segments of society such as the elderly and people unable to visit health centres due to underlying medical conditions. The […]

    World Hypertension Day 17th May 2020

    Dr. R. V. Ravi Kanna Babu, Consultant Internal Medicine, KIMS ICON Hospital, Vizag   The global prevalence of hypertension is high, and treatment of hypertension is the most common reason for clinic visits and for the use of chronic prescription medications. Half of hypertensive individuals do not have adequate blood pressure control, evaluation of hypertension […]

    Expert: Swimming pool facilities water unlikely to spread coronavirus

    WHAT: Pools across the U.S. are set to reopen in the coming weeks. If recommended chlorine levels are maintained as usual, the pools themselves should pose minimal risk of spreading the coronavirus to swimmers, says a Purdue University engineer who studies pool water decontamination. For indoor pools, the greater risks to coronavirus spread would include poor […]