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  • "One Last Question- A Film By A Lot of People"

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    Pune: �One Last Question�, A Film Directed by Prathmesh KriSang, is inspired by the true story of ...

    "One Last Question- A Film By A Lot of People"

    Pune: �One Last Question�, A Film Directed by Prathmesh KriSang, is inspired by the true story of four friends living in 1998 Assam, a state historically dealing with political unrest, extremism & violence.� One Last Question is sub-titled as �A Film by A Lot of People�. Internationally acclaimed actor Adil Hussain, (Life of Pi, English Vinglish, Agent Vinod), is playing one of the most important character in the movie. The film is also supported by internationally acclaimed theater director from Assam, Mr.Sukracharya Rabha. One last Question Posters6-06There are hardly any movies based on the story of North East India, One Last Question is one such rare movie inspired by North East Story which is made for national audience. Besides few characters, the entire movie is in Hindi and appeals to mass audience. �I read this blog last year in July. It talked about how four friends in 1998, in a small village (Agia, Goalpara) of Assam were influenced to join an extremist militant outfit in all their innocence. It was my friend, Manjit Nath's real life story, who is studying Public Policy at University of Oxford right now. By the time I completed reading the whole story, the film had already taken shape in my mind� said the Director, Screenplay Writer and DOP Prathamesh KriSang. Crowd-funding: One Last Question has completed around 70% of the filming in remote locations of Assam, to complete the remaining 30% of the movie and post production the movie crew and members have started a crowdfunding campaign on� Wishberry.in. The movie requires raising funds of Rs. 5 lakhs in 4 weeks to complete the entire movie and so far they have managed to raise Rs. 65, 734 in last 5 days. It�s an �All or Nothing� Campaign. So if the project doesn't reach its target within the stipulated time, the contributors will be refunded. Mr KriSang said �We knew we had to raise funds to complete the film. Producers were not an option. Then we went on for our next best option, crowdfunding. So we have launched this "crowdfunding campaign" that will allow us to gather funds which will eventually help us in completing the film�, he further added �If we manage to exceed the target amount, the surplus funds will be used to screen the film all over Assam, and we hope this will inspire at least a few new generation Assamese towards a constructive future. No government alone can control or change the deep rooted conceptions of the people, and a popular medium like films can always shape& reform thoughts of a person. As history witnesses, films have a potential to reform a person & change his life. �, he further added. Source: Lokesh Shastri

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