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  • Sunday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:14:30
  • ICRA’s views on the impact of the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) on toll road projects

     By: Mr. Vinay Kumar G, Vice President & Sector Head – Corporate Ratings, ICRA Limited “The WPI inflation for March 2024 stood at a marginal 0.53% (against 1.41% in March 2023), translating into a mild toll rate increase of ~0.53% during FY2025 for projects linked to the March WPI. For those linked to 3% fixed […]

    Quote from Punit Shah, Partner, Dhruva Advisors: India-Mauritius Tax Treaty

    “The protocol amending India Mauritius tax treaty provides that even if one of the main purposes of setting up structure in Mauritius is to take benefit of tax exemptions, the. Such benefit can be denied. Hence, the investors would need to demonstrate commercial justification and rationale for setting up in Mauritius. Unlike GAAR provisions which […]

    Comment on BadBatBut Vulnerability: Satnam Narang, Senior Staff Research Engineer at Tenable

    “Recently, a security researcher known as “RyotaK” disclosed a vulnerability in multiple programming languages that can lead to a command injection on Windows systems based on a certain set of conditions.  The flaw, dubbed BatBadBut, arises from how batch files are handled. The researcher described the flaw as related to “batch files and bad, but not the worst” […]

    Quote on World Parkinson’s Day written by Mr. Rajinish Menon, CEO & Founder, Sukino Healthcare Solutions

    “As a continuum care provider focused on supporting people with chronic illnesses, we understand the complexities of Parkinson’s disease. On World Parkinson’s Day, we stand with the individuals and families affected by this challenging condition. More than 10 million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’s disease. India alone shares almost 10% of the global burden […]

    Gudi Padwa Festive Quotes on behalf of Roha Realty & Swaminarayan City

    Quote on behalf of Harshvardhan Tibrewala, Director, Roha Realty: As we celebrate the joyous occasion of Gudi Padwa, I extend my warmest wishes to you and your loved ones. On this auspicious day, Roha Realty has tailored an exclusive offer for you – 5X rewards on every booking at Roha Vatika, with the convenience of zero stamp duty, GST, […]

    Expert reaction on RBI MPC – Repo rates unchanged

    Gurmit Singh Arora, National President, Indian Plumbing AssociationThe Reserve Bank Of India’s decision to maintain the repo rate steady at 6.5% during the ongoing global economic downturn and the spiraling inflation is indeed a pragmatic choice to protect the domestic economy. As the third-quarter financial growth of India moved up to 8.4% which was not […]

    Quote on Devin AI by Lakshmikant Gundavarapu, Chief Innovation Officer Tredence Inc

    “A groundbreaking trend has emerged in the rapidly evolving software development landscape– the fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) with human ingenuity. This synergy is exemplified by the introduction of Devin AI, the world’s first fully autonomous AI software engineer developed by Cognition Labs. Devin’s arrival has ignited widespread curiosity and anticipation, leading to reflections on […]

    Manish Chowdhury Views on Mid-cap Stocks High Earnings Outlook

    Manish Chowdhury, Head of Research, StoxBox Views: In the current investment landscape, our focus is on mid-cap companies demonstrating robust revenue visibility and sustained growth momentum in their margins. We prefer those companies with lower leverage, indicating a healthier balance sheet and reduced financial risk. However, it’s important to acknowledge the inherent difficulty in short-term […]

    WHO Issues Groundbreaking Guidelines for Rapid Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Diagnosis: SPIT SEQ Leading the Charge

    Dr Gunisha Pasricha, Principal Scientist, Infectious Disease Expert, MedGenome “The World Health Organization (WHO) has just published a landmark recommendation on the use of a new class of diagnostic technologies: targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) tests for the diagnosis of drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB). Until recently there were no WHO-recommended rapid diagnostics (WRDs) that can detect resistance […]

    Quote from Sooraj Balakrishnan, Head of Marketing, Acer India

    On Global Recycling Day, we celebrate the #RecyclingHeroes — the dedicated individuals making our planet healthier through recycling. Recycling fights climate change and protects our environment. At Acer, we’re proud to lead with a Conscious Technology Vision, aiming for 20-30% post-consumer recycled plastic in our products by 2025. We have joined the RE100 initiative and are committed […]