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  • Sunday, September, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:12:22
  • Pre-Budget Expectation -Sanfe (India’s fast-growing feminine hygiene brand and women empowerment company promoting better health and well-being for women, Incubated at IIT Delhi)

    Mr. Harry Sehrawat, Founder Sanfe Quote: India’s Feminine Hygiene Industry is one of the shining industry and has immense potential to take the country on the global business map and improvise women empowerment initiatives by ensuring health, hygiene, and wellbeing. The need of the hour is to create a conducive atmosphere by introducing favorable policies to […]

    Pre-Budget Expectation Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited

    Spokesperson: Mr. Gurmeet Singh, Chairman & Managing Director, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited    In the interim budget, we saw some of the announcements meeting our expectations, this budget did address the middle-class housing needs and the farming community expected to have a trickle-down effect for the AC industry. Our expectations from the Budget are high. The ACE industry is looking forward to the continuation […]

    Pre-Budget Expectations – Startup and Consumer tech sector quotes

    Pre-budget quote by Shashank Dixit, Founder & CEO, Deskera: “Right on the top of my wishlist for this year’s budget are schemes to create jobs as that is integral to a lot of other systemic issues outside of unemployment such as affordable housing.  More, high-quality jobs typically help address all other societal problems. I strongly […]

    Pre-budget expectations quote by Ms. Seema Prem, CEO of FIA Technology Services Private Ltd

    By Ms. Seema Prem, CEO of FIA Technology Services Private Ltd; “As budget 2019 is fast approaching, expectations of the industry have started to surface. The last governments progressive policies have made the environment favorable for entrepreneurs, it is believed that this budget will lay down reforms to boost start up ecosystem in India. Also, seeing […]

    Pre-Budget Expectations quote from Mr. R G Agarwal, Chairman – Dhanuka Agritech

    “Now that the Modi government has come back with a thumping majority, we expect it to outline its solutions in the forthcoming Budget addressing the acute farm distress. The interim Budget provided much-needed income support to farmers through the ‘Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi’ scheme. This needs to be implemented across the country along with […]

    Pre-Budget Expectations – Startup, IT, SME, Fintech sector quotes

    Pre-budget quote by Javed Tapia, MD & CEO, Clover Infotech: “The Indian IT services industry is at a watershed moment. It has strongly aligned itself to ride the global digital transformation wave. There is a huge demand for skilled talent in IT services and the budget should earmark funds to address this. A thriving IT […]

    Budget Expectations Quote from Mr. Avneesh Sood, Director EROS Group

    “The real estate industry is one of the foremost contributors to the GDP growth and hence it can assist the govt in determining the shortfall in employment generation, it is likely that the upcoming budget will help the industry. Furthermore, the usual demand for single-window clearance and industry position for real estate projects, which should […]

    Startups’ wishlist for Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharamanv

    Pre- budget expectation quote from Mr. Anmol Kukreja, Co-Founder & CEO, Skillbox. SkillBox is an art social network for artists, art-related businesses and art enthusiasts. ‘After the resounding mandate given to the Modi Govt. in the 2019 Union Election, we expect the government to unleash a series of economic reforms to turn India into an economic powerhouse. Start-ups […]

    Quote on RBI review

    Sudhanshu Agarwal, Director, KV Developers To everyone’s surprise, the apex bank has maintained the status quo which will serve as a boon for the realty sector in particular, as we are just days away from the beginning of the final festive season for this year. A no change in the repo rate by RBI will […]

    Response Quote on GST Rate Revisions from Mr. Viral Berawala, CIO, Essel Mutual Fund

    “New GST rates will generally be positive for discretionary consumption. GST on paints, electricals, sanitary pads and leather items have all been reduced. All though we still have 4 GST rates gradually more goods are at 18 percent GST.”