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  • �Walk of Hope� Yogi visits Anna Hazare

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    New Delhi: Sri M, a social reformer, spiritual guide and author who is on a Kanyakumari-to-Kashmir ...

    �Walk of Hope� Yogi visits Anna Hazare

    New Delhi: Sri M, a social reformer, spiritual guide and author who is on a Kanyakumari-to-Kashmir march Sri M having a long chat with Anna regarding his Walk Of Hopefor peace and harmony in country, visited Anna Hazare at Ralegan Siddhi today. The Walk Of Hope has completed 6 months and covered a distance of around 3000 kms since its start from Kanyakumari on January 12, 2015. Sri M received a warm welcome from Anna Hazare on his arrival at his Training Centre as well as from the people of Ralegan Siddhi. It is considered a sustainable and model village for the rest of the country. The village has carried out programs like tree planting, terracing to reduce soil erosion and digging canals to retain rain water. For energy, the village uses solar power, biogas (some generated from the community toilet) and a windmill. The village's biggest accomplishment is in its use of non-conventional energy. The World Bank Group has concluded that the village of Ralegan Siddhi was transformed from a highly degraded village ecosystem in a semi-arid region of extreme poverty to one of the richest in the country. Anna Hazare himself walked with Sri M for a kilometer in his village upto his office. He has extened warm hospitality to all the Padayatris and had made excellent arrangements for their accommodation at his place. He had a great interaction with all the Padayatris and also showed them around the systems and details of the village and also the media center. After meeting Sri M, Anna expressed his appreciation by saying �I appreciate Sri M�s effort to spread the message of peace and harmony in the country by meeting people and touching each and everyone�s lives by his walk. I wish him all the very best for the successful completion of his padayatra and urge more and more people to join this Walk Of Hope.� Social reformer and Spiritual Guru Sri M said, �Anna Hazare is a most respected and sincere revolutionary.� He brought about so many changes in the Society especially, Ralegan Siddhi. This place looks like a paradise in the surrounding areas.� I have personal appreciation for him and his work and therefore it was so Anna joining the Walk Of Hope Padayatra with Sri Mimportant that we visited Ralegan Siddhi on the walk and meet Anna Hazare and get his support for the walk.� Sri M invited Anna Hazare to join him at Srinagar when he would be completing his 7500 km Walk of Hope Padayatra to which Anna happily accepted the invitation. The Walk will proceed to Via Parner to Ahmednagar where a Satsang will be held on the evening of 15th July at an auditorium near Hiware Bazar Grampanchayat. The local community has also organized an Iftar Party on the 16th at Hunderi Mangal Karyalay. About Walk Of Hope: This �Walk of Hope� as it has been christened brings together citizens and well-wishers from all religions, economic backgrounds and vocations to raise awareness and bring together citizens to significantly restore a national sentiment of oneness � �fit enough to be bequeathed to our future generations�.

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