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    5 solutions for painless periods experience

    Published on November 25, 2021

    Period cramps- technically called dysmenorrhea have an impact on many women at one or another point during their menstrual cycle. While some women experience mild cramps, on other hand, at times these painful experiences can be as severe as a heart attack. It leaves women having an extreme dent in daily lifestyles and causing trouble to their physical as well as mental health. According to experts, a variety of factors like unhealthy diet & lack of physical activity add to the burden of menstrual cramps.

    Here are five solutions that can ease menstrual pain, and can help in getting back in the right direction and having happy periods.

        Janani Pain-Free Period Program

    Janani’s ‘Pain-Free Period’ program is a unique and holistic approach to the most common menstrual concern – period pain and cramps. The plan includes nutraceutical, doctor consultations, health and wellness counseling, dietician guidance, and yoga sessions. The proprietary nutraceutical is a naturally-derived supplement that, when taken daily, regulates endometrial (period) tissue formation which reduces menstrual cramps and pain. The doctor and psychologist consultations ensure your menstrual and mental health is in check, while the dietician consultation offers a customized nutrition plan that aims at managing painful periods. The yoga sessions are carefully curated to help with period distress and discomfort. The program is completely digitized so you can take the consultations and sessions at your convenience, in the comfort of your home. You will also be assigned a Wellness Buddy who will guide you and be by your side throughout the program. This one-of-a-kind solution has been proven to be effective with several happy customers singing the program’s praises. 

        andMe PCOS PCOD Tea

    andMe is a women’s food and nutrition company based in Bangalore. They understand that women’s bodies have different nutrition requirements because of their unique hormonal cycles so to fulfil their requirement in a safer manner, they carefully combine ancient Ayurveda with modern science to produce products that match the active lifestyles of this generation of women. You can now calm your pain by just sipping a cup of tea. andME Tea is sugar free, organic, vegan and also doesn’t contain any other preservatives. It will help you to lower your cramps, balances hormones and pain along with its weight loss properties which collectively helps you to detoxify your body. It contains Ashwagandha, Lodhra, Varuna and many other natural ingredients which makes it safe and effective. They also cater to the requirements of menstrual health, fitness, beauty and mental health.

        Auric – Women’s Wellness Juice

    Auric’s Ayurvedic Drinks are natural drinks that can help you stay healthy and boost your immunity and stamina. If you are a teenager or a beginner, you can go for this special juice which contains Shatavari (helps in PCOS, balance body cycles and reduces bloating), Manjistha (brings a natural glow to skin) and Moringa (takes care of multivitamin needs). This healthy drink is delicious and refreshing with premium natural  herbs combined with coconut water. Ayurveda’s benefits with no sugar and preservatives which is the perfect drink to detoxify, rebuild and revitalize the body. It also helps in skin radiance, weight management, mind rejuvenation and hair growth. Auric’s Ayurvedic Herbal Juice also helps in achieving vitality.

        Lemme Be Pro Period Kit

    When it comes to menstrual hygiene products, Lemme be pro offers their premium and cost effective period kit. It includes day & night pads based on your flow and seating position. They have an enhanced capacity of 80ml which is almost twice the capacity of a regular pad. Made up of cotton that ensures no skin irritation and also eco friendly in nature to dispose of. LemmeBe tampons are small and comfortable enough to make you think you’re not actually menstruating and are made from 100% cotton,  contain no harmful chemicals and are completely safe, so there is less chance of an allergic reaction or rash when used. They offer two types of tampons – one for the heavy flow which can absorb 12 to 15 ml of liquid and  a regular tampon can absorb 9 to 12 ml of liquid.

        Veera Ayurvedic Pills

    Gynoveda, the world’s first FemTech, combines technology and Ayurveda to solve the problems of the times. Safely and confidentially consult with gynecologists and they also provide the world’s first online menstrual check-up to know your health results in just 3 minutes and cure menstrual problems naturally forever. These pills are made up of ‘Charak Samhita’ which is known for its traditional inflammation properties and treat congestion in the uterus to control extreme bleeding and also helps to strengthen the uterus and promote immunity for the reproductive cycle. It is 100% ayurvedic with 21+ herbs with no side effects only benefits. It is a long lasting solution that treats the root cause of heavy flow.