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  • 5 Tips to Reboot Your Bike After a Long Time

    Published on January 25, 2021

    There are many times when you, as a bike enthusiast, need to stay away from your bike. It might be your work trip or that monsoon or even a remote possibility like a pandemic where you had to stay indoors. At such times, your bike might simply sit in the parking lot gathering dust. Whatever is the reason, it can hamper its operations or cause problems at start-up. Thus, it is suggested to periodically start your bike even if you are not riding it. Here are five key pointers to ensure a smooth reboot of your bike after a long break. 

    #1 Battery

    The most common issue that can be faced is battery draining issues. Rebooting your bikes after a long time often depletes the battery and makes it unresponsive. This way, either there might be problems starting your bike or using the electricals. In such a case, make sure to get the battery checked before starting up. Usually, batteries have more than a year’s warranty and can be replaced at that time. Also, if you are planning to stay away from your bike for a considerable duration, it is advised to disconnect the battery terminals to avoid discharge and depletion of your battery. 

    #2 Rusting

    Rusting is another issue that frequently starts depending on the region where your bike is. Rusting can also prove to be a significant concern, especially for the fuel tank, engine and even the chassis. Since rusting isn’t something that is superficial, it is advisable to get it checked from a trusted mechanic at the earliest. 

    #3 Engine oil and other fluids

    Changing the engine oil periodically is one of the few things that a bike owner needs to remember. Whether you ride your bike or not, the oil has a specified life and should be changed within that interval. Apart from that, other parts like the chain and mechanical spares require cleaning and lubrication. So, if your bike has been standing in your garage for a long time, make sure to replace all the fluids and lubricants before taking it out for a spin. This way, all the necessary components that require lubrication are ready for a reboot. 

    #4 Other basic issues

    Apart from the above-mentioned issues, there might be few other issues like rodents damaging the wiring of your bike. It can cause electrical failures while in operation. Thus, make sure to check for these signs beforehand when restarting your bike after a long time. 

    #5 Documentation

    After all the mechanical and electrical checks, the next you should look for is the documentation of your bike. Two wheeler insurance, PUC certificate, registration certificate and driving license are some of the mandatory documents that you should have to legally ride a motorcycle. While the registration certificate is a onetime document, the others need to be renewed periodically. Ensuring PUC and two wheeler insurance renewal will help you ward off any unnecessary fines that otherwise can burn a hole in your pocket. Also, if you plan on using the bike a lot more, then choosing two wheeler insurance third party or a comprehensive plan becomes a crucial choice. Make a smart choice using the available plans that checks all the right boxes for you. 

    These are some nifty tips that can help in restarting your bike after a long break. Always make sure to complete all the above steps to have a hassle and breakdown-free ride.