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  • PDFs are still one of the most popular kinds of documents on the internet, even though they are almost 25 years old. Whether you’re looking for your W-2, an agreement, or an e-book, it’ll almost certainly be in PDF format. However, you will need to install a PDF viewer on your computer to access these essential papers.

    We searched through the internet to discover the best free PDF viewers that you can access online. There are hundreds of PDF readers, and some may cost almost thousands of dollars per year, so we went through the internet to find the best free Online readers that you can get online.

    We’ve compiled a list of the finest free PDF readers that can do anything from view PDFs to generate, modify, and secure them.

    The following are the top five free PDF readers for Windows and Mac.


    Lua is a PDF reader that works similarly to Google Docs. You may use the cloud to generate, distribute, and protect PDFs. You may upload scans, convert word documents and PPT to PDF, merge several PDFs into a single file and even convert Excel to PDF.

    You may give and restrict document access, monitor who views your document and watch their actions, modify, comment, and even notify readers about new changes to your PDF if you wish to collaborate on it.

    Credentials, digital signatures, and encryption are just a few of the security features that Lua offers to keep your PDFs secure and confidential. Lua is an excellent choice if you generate PDFs frequently for your work and need a method to collaborate on the same document.

    Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

    Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a program that allows you to view documents. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, a free PDF reader from Adobe, links to the Adobe Document cloud and other cloud storage systems such as Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. They allow you to access, read, share, and comment on PDFs from anywhere in the world from any device.

    The most significant feature of Acrobat Reader DC is that it can speak text aloud, helping you through any difficult-to-read document. Any busy worker who needs to edit PDFs on the move or during their commute will appreciate Adobe’s free PDF reader.

    Javelin PDF Reader

    Javelin PDF Reader is a simple PDF reader that allows you to open, print, annotate, and bookmark regular and encrypted PDFs. The PDF reader is quick and has a neat and straightforward user interface, despite its two-MB download size and lack of additional capabilities like editing. If you want to read and take notes on PDFs rapidly, Javelin is probably the best option.

    Google Drive

    Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service. Google Drive is the most user-friendly PDF conversion and storage solution available. You may convert any of your files, presentation, and spreadsheets to PDF files and submit them to the platform. Google Drive is the most excellent choice for you if all you want to do with PDFs is read them or convert files into them.

    Your Internet Browser

    PDF readers are built into web browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. All you have to do to see a PDF on your browser is click on the PDF link. Additionally, you may open PDF files on your PC by moving them to an active browser tab.

    Rotating, downloading, printing, and changing text size are all available in most browsers’ PDF readers. You don’t need to download a PDF reader if you just need to view PDFs but don’t need to change files into PDFs. You may just use your internet browser to view the document.


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