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  • 7-year-old Gurgaon boy creates a record, solves 16 Rubik’s cubes in 9 mins 30 sec while identifying 195 country flags

    Published on May 17, 2021

    New Delhi: 7 year old boy, Rayaan Malhotra, a grade 2 Student at Heritage Xperiential School, Gurgaon, solves 16 cubes at an average speed of 35.6 seconds. But that’s not all, he achieved this feat while looking at a computer screen and identifying all the 195 country flags of the world. His achievement was registered in the India Book of Records 2021.

    “Actually, my personal best of solving a 3*3*3 Rubik’s cube is 13 seconds, but when I have to look at the computer screen to identify and name the country flags, it slows me down. I also love solving 2*2*2, 4*4*4, Megaminx, Pyraminx and other variations of Rubik’s Cube.” Rayaan, the record holder said.

    His mother Shivani Malhotra said “Rayaan started taking speed cubing seriously as a part of his passion project in school. The encouragement from his teachers, Ms.Tripti & Ms. Poonam motivated him to set the record.”

    Apart from his love for different types of Rubik’s cube, he is very passionate about making fun tricks to memorize flags and capitals with his father, Varun Malhotra. During the lockdown, Rayaan with the help of his parents set up a website and YouTube channel where he shared his fun tricks to remember flags and capitals.

    “We feel he is a quick learner and his ability to concentrate when we try to teach him new things is quite good” his mother added.


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