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  • A candid interview with Vibhor Hasija founder, organizer and CEO of Yours Eventfully

    Published on December 13, 2021

    Mumbai: A prestigious budding organization like ‘Yours Eventfully’, which is emerging as a successful brand in the field of event and artist management is founded and headed by an artist himself, Vibhor Hasija making a niche in business parlance with its unique promotion strategies and business policies. Vibhor is an aspiring businessman and exquisite artist too, whose compilations are an amalgam of both Western and Classical elements. He aims at building an organization that ensures a peripheral growth of home borne artists by managing their performances, social network, and reach. It is the result of his efforts and artistic expertise that, Yours Eventfully now works on global platforms. In a candid interview with APN News the inspiring Entrepreneur, Artist and Visionary shares his success story:

    What is this venture all about?

    Yours eventfully is an event planning and artist management organisation. Artist and business visionary Vibhor Hasija is the organizer and CEO of Yours Eventfully, an occasion arranging and artist  the board organization.

    How did you came up with the idea?

    Yours Eventfully is a 360 degree brand. Amusement has been interchangeable to festivities as grin is to joy. Also as an Artist Management organization, Yours Eventfully supports specialists and assists them with filling in their particular kinds while interfacing them with the right crowd base with the assistance of diversion occasions.

    Our accomplished group helps in measuring the right ability and gives them a 360-degree support stage which empowers them to develop as a craftsman. Then again, we guarantee that a customer’s necessities are satisfied by associating them with the right craftsman for a given event.

    Leaving on the melodic excursion, Vibhor transformed his leisure activity into an enthusiasm. It was back in 2010 when Vibhor shaped the band Tarkash by working together with his lesser, Sidaque. A band of instrumentalists then, at that point, held hands with a couple of entertainers and started their melodic excursion. 

    What are your future plans?

    Artist Management Agency in Music, ET inspiring leader North India 2021 and all those who are part of organization resembles it’s simply the primary seat of the transfer of fruitful undertakings. As we talk about his tentative arrangements, Vibhor examines developing his in-house music creation stage, what began 3 years prior to help and support home specialists in any structure. “We have a stage prepared with forceful promoting and publicizing techniques set up for local craftsmen who sync in and make content with a similar energy.” 

    He closes the discussion by dropping a hit and leaving us all inquisitive and energized.

    What is your prime agenda?

    Yours eventfully has differentiated its administration bouquet throughout the long term. The energetic group don’t simply get private shows or melodic occasions; their jobs extend over giving comprehensive administration occasions, promoting, PR, and so forth “At Yours Eventfully, we will likely present freedoms as far as shows and cash, yet a stage to support ability from the nation over, extend the organization and remarkable development.”

    Anything you would like to convey

    With long stretches of difficult work put ahead, Tarkash turned into an eminent name in the business. “Continuously 2013-14, we were among India’s top Hindi musical crews. Since I was the main front of the band, individuals began to remember me as a performer as well as a artist  chief.” 

    As he began working together and overseeing more specialists, he chose to fabricate a brand around it and henceforth prompted the commencement of Yours Eventfully in 2016. “The starting wasn’t all cheerful a console player assuming control over the job of a business visionary raised eyes.”

    Taking on analysis with his beguiling smile, Vibhor kept on after his vision with sheer diligence and energy.

    How had been previous years and your expectations from 2022?

    Which began from a leased condo in Delhi has effectively figured out how to grow up to a worldwide level. Their group today takes into account worldwide customers across the globe also. “We have effectively mesmerized our audience with 1500 shows in the year 2019.” Vibhor imparts to huge pride about the achievements. The rundown happens as we talk about the tunes that make the song of his prosperity. “It began from taking once again the TedX stage in 2019 and afterward getting perceived in 30 under 30 Rising Entrepreneur was another venturing stone, however there’s far to go before I can see myself as effective.”

    Though the second rush of the pandemic struck the business, this year began an overjoyed note at the individual level for Vibhor. He specifies, “Getting the best artist  administrator (bronze) grant was a soothing inclination. Milestones of hardwork getting perceived gives colossal satisfaction.” He as of late got this honor at the 2021 Spotlight Awards (North), including a cherry the cake of his prosperityWe are looking forward with the hope of optimism to achieve more success ans place in our audience’s heart.


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