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  • A Single Parent to his Teen Sons: Rohit Choudhary talks about playing the role of both Father and Mother

    Published on July 21, 2021

    By Sachin Murdeshwar

    Mumbai : Good parenting is all about giving your best to your child, it doesn’t matter if you are the father or the mother; actor/producer Rohit Choudhary is a single parent to his two sons. Rohit himself had a single father and knew the importance of hands-on parenting and a great example for life. Rohit had lost his mother at an early age, and his father had played the role of both father and mother for Rohit. Having an example to lead with, Rohit took on a similar role for his sons and has consciously worked towards doing the best he can.

    Rohit feels, “Cerebrally men and women are made differently and women are just amazingly capable of handling the home and work life. As a man learning to do both and ensure the balance is perfect has been difficult; but when I look at my sons, it is all worth it.” Rohit had lost his wife years ago in an accident; back then he decided he would ensure he would do everything that he and his wife had decided to do for their sons and never let there be any stone unturned.

    As difficult as it is for a woman to make a place in the man’s world; it is equally difficult for a man to do everything and more in the woman’s world and this is a challenge everyone should take to respect each other more and appreciate what one’s partner does for the other. “My sons are the reason for my fitness; we live like friends. They motivate me to strive and not give up, whether its professionally, physically or professionally. And I want to be a good example to my sons; never give up and strive for perfection.” Quotes Rohit

    by sachin murdeshwar