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  • Abhishek Parakkat: An Entrepreneur and A Digital Creator- Greatest of all Time

    Published on May 12, 2022

    An entrepreneur should be creative, confident, and determined. He should possess the virility to take risks because without risk there are no businesses. Perseverance, tenacity, optimism and resilience are some expected qualities of an entrepreneur. 

    With all these qualities Abhishek Parakkat, a social media creator at the age of merely 23, outsets various ventures like Parakkat Jewels, Parakkat Nature Resort, Parakkat Weddings, and Parakkat Software. According to Abhishek, in today’s world Jewels are the markers of social and personal status. About Parakkat Nature Resort in Kerala, he said immersion in nature can evoke pleasant feelings and reduce a negative mental state along with emotions of anger, hopelessness, anxiety and fear.  He describes his venture, Parakkat Weddings, as creativity combined with patience and about Parakkat Software, he said that software not only makes computer hardware perform important tasks but can also help businesses work more efficiently. 

    Abhishek Parakkat was born in Kothamangalam and brought up in Kalady, Kochi, Kerala. He is a complete package, he likes modeling and has a bonny fashion sense. He is not only an entrepreneur but also a fitness freak, he likes basketball, and bodybuilding and loves travelling, photography, chess, etc. Rarely, a 23 old person spontaneously handles all the ventures perfectly.

    Now, he has entered the way of entrepreneurship and he will not stop here, he will go very far and make India proud on a global level.

    Follow Abhishek on https://instagram.com/abhishek_parakkat_


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