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    Actor Producer Amol Ghodke Finds the Pandemic Year 2020 to be a Great Teacher for his life

    Published on January 9, 2021

    Amol Ghodke is a known actor and producer from M Town. He has remained a busy man ever since the lockdown was announced with the Pandemic around the world. The year 2020 has been tough as it has taken the lives of many in the world, while the complete shutdown has affected every other business in a big way. These include even the entertainment industry. However, the actor Amol sees things differently as he looks back at the passing year 2020. He calls it tough though, yet finds 2020 a great teacher in his life. 

    While comparing the lockdown year and the non-lockdown years, he had more time for his family and he did spend a lot of quality time with them. This has never been his case before the lockdown was announced. Thus the year has much to offer to him in terms of giving him the opportunity to understand relationships, bonding and the human value. He feels that even money seemed secondary to him as he could understand the real value of our lives. 

    Thus despite the issues and misery, he had many great lessons to learn this pandemic. He somewhere thanks the year for giving him the opportunity to think about himself and his life. The year gave him the opportunity to work on his personality, address the issues and refine it for quality living. He took time to reckon on his day to day life and routine before the lockdown and pinpointed the issues that made him tread a different way keeping him away from family and doing many good things which he used to earlier but seemed lagging in his busy life.