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  • Akash Goyal inspiring new age entrepreneurs with evolving ingenious approach

    Published on June 10, 2021

    New Delhi : Where the businesses are reeling under the staggering impact of novel coronavirus, losing all hopes after sustaining the deadening whip for the second time consecutively, this ardent entrepreneur, Akash Goyal through his diligence inspires the aspiring entrepreneur community to adamantly pursue their dreams and fulfil their goals with determination, innovation and hard work.

    Starting his journey from the tender age of 13 years, Mr Goyal never shied away from doing the ground-level work. Being exposed to the intricacies of work at every level, he eventually developed the entrepreneurial skills to shoulder the responsibilities and lead the organization to new heights of success even when the ship is caught in the midst of a dreadful tempest.

    Never settling for anything moderate, this avid businessman had deep interest and faith in the power of innovative solutions to solve the problems of the people. “Guided by the light of creativity, I was always motivated to come up with ingenious ideas for all business processes,” recalled Mr Akash Goyal.

    His fondness for creative solutions when coupled with his proficiency in Marketing Strategy opened up new avenues for business expansion. The start-up under his visionary leadership evolved into a global brand. In the path of adding new verticals to his already existing business, in 2014 his organization operating as a purely Commercial Company diversified into a people-based company.

    But basking in the glory of success didn’t stop him from tapping into the sectors new to his expertise. Over the course of time, he ventured into the travel and events industry with Holiday Breaks and D7 Events to replace the sector with everything experiential, imprinting an evocative memory into the minds of the customers.

    With the dip in the corona cases and the robust vaccination drive going on, Mr Goyal anticipates businesses catering to the needs of the public by offering innovative solutions will have the potential to bounce back with double intensity and catalyse the process of industry recovery.     


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