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  • Amplify Mindware, Enhance Education tie up to provide 1 lakh units of E-Pads to students

    Published on January 5, 2011

    Pune: Pune-based Amplify Mindware Group of Institutions recently signed a collaborative memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Enhance Education to provide one lakh units of Enhance Pads to its students over the next two years. Enhance Pads (E-Pads) are tablet PCs that provide a platform for inclusive education that is easily accessible and cost-effective. CEO of Enhance Education, Akshat Shrivastava, said, “With the core purpose of taking education to the masses and making it sustainable, we tried various methods of e-learning. We found that using E-Pads are the most innovative option. Two years of extensive research went into integrating the education process to the technology platform of tablet PCs, at the same time making it a cheaper delivery mechanism.”

    Enhance Education has also started building its network to make the technology available in around 80,000 locations across India, through government community service centres under the ministry of human resource and development, said Shrivastava. “Our aim is to bring down the cost in the range of Rs500 to Rs900, especially for skill-based and vocational education. Some of the vocational modules include plumbing, electrician work, vehicle maintenance and others. This will allow aspirants in villages to get connected to mainstream education,” he said.

    A hand-held hardware platform that students can use as their personal notebook, the E-Pads will be supported by the My Open Campus (MOC) portal, a collaborative learning and interactive program managed by Enhance Education. Benefiting students, professors and institutes, the MOC package includes course content, dedicated android application, unlimited space for content, various recording modules, free upgrades and a support system.

    “This latest innovative tool will be provided to our students at no extra cost. It will come pre-loaded with semester plans, subject content, presentations, case studies, assessments, general knowledge, e-books and so on. As a communication device, interaction between the teaching fraternity and students will be possible anywhere and at anytime,” said CEO of Amplify Mindware Group of Institutions, Joy Basu.

    With a full-fledged research and development centre, Enhance Education is the technology and software provider, whereas Amplify Mindware will offer the curriculum and other educational content. “The hardware will be imported from China, but the application and methodology will be ours, including our own exclusive branding. In the initial phase, we have launched it in Amplify Mindware to see how the social community reacts,” said Shrivastava.

    “A revolutionary approach towards interactive learning, it will be an immersive environment for students and faculty. It will include virtual classrooms, mails, chat and SMS. Our aim is to make learning a social activity and free it from isolation and a restrictive environment,” said Basu. Shrivastava said that the E-Pads are bound to face resistance like any another technology does. “However, they will hugely benefit students by making education affordable by at least 80%. We want to bring the same mass accessibility that the Internet and cellphones have to education in India,” he added