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  • Wednesday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:58:13
  • Mumbai (GPN): Splash, Dip and get Drenched was the mantra this Children’s Day at AquaCentric Therapy Mumbai.​  ​AquaCentric Therapy had organized an exclusive water-based play event for kids and special children at its Worli and Andheri centers to celebrate Children’s Day.

    The event had various activities such as relay race, water basketball and Marco-polo games under supervision by a physiotherapist.​ Each activity planned had a therapeutic role and purpose such as to develop eye-hand coordination, enhance concentration and focus, build social and communication skills, and develop motor skills and sensory exploration with an aim to boost patients suffering from various ailments. The unique properties of water make Aquatic Therapy an excellent medium of rehabilitation. It helps in developing a sense of balance (equilibrium) and core stability. The Gravity Eliminated environment ensures freedom of movement and maximizes the physical strength and ability of the child

    ​​Ms. Namita Ambani, CEO, AquaCentric Therapy ​​says ” Due to COVID lockdown we have observed lack of communication skills, social skill, less concentration among kids. For almost 2 years kids have been at home with online studies and home activities. Aquatic physical therapy is a unique and highly effective form of physiotherapy. This event brought cheer and smiles among kids. We had kept full-day session of 10 kids in each batch under the supervision of a physiotherapist.”

    Aquatic Therapy is a technique where rehabilitation exercises are carried out by trained aquatic therapists in a heated warm pool. Aquatic therapy includes rehabilitation, prevention, fitness, and wellness. It is suitable for ​​all age group children and adults, patients with various disabilities, disorder, health problem can perform this therapy.” ​adds Dr. Dipti Vishwakarma, Senior Pediatric Physiotherapist at AquaCentric.

    We would also be planning a more such session for children’s rehabilitation. This will help children in their growth and overall activities. This event was uniquely designed for remediation, rehabilitation, and recreation of children.” ​​adds Ms. Namita

    by Sachin murdeshwar


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