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  • Benefits of Anti Reflective Glasses with Progressive Lenses

    Published on May 14, 2020

    Fashion has changed over the years. This also applies to spectacles as nowadays we have so many options and types to choose from. This includes different types of frames, materials, and glasses that can go along with your personality.

    If you are above 40 years of age and having issues in seeing small print with your current glasses, you might need multifocals. You need not opt for the thick and ugly looking bifocals or trifocals, as there is an option to own progressive lenses.

    Bifocal lenses have a clear line in the middle of the lens where the upper part of the lens is used for viewing objects that are at a farther distance whereas the lower part of the lenses is used for viewing objects that are at a shorter distance. This can cause strain to the eyes at the person wearing the bifocal lenses has to either move the eyes up or down or has to change the viewing position of the head. Many aged people still prefer to wear bifocal lenses as they find it difficult to switch to something new at that age. The younger lot opts for progressive lenses.

    What is the difference between progressive lenses and multifocal lenses? The primary difference is that there is no line separating the different lens strengths hence, it does not give the impression that the person is wearing different types of lenses. Apart from looking good, the other advantage of using progressive lenses such as Varilux is that you don’t need to perform the unhealthy body movements that can cause pain and fatigue to the body.

    People above 40 would require progressive lenses as there is a probability of developing presbyopia at that age. This would cause blurred vision and needs to be corrected on time. Progressive lenses are instrumental in correcting this condition. If you or your loved ones have problems in viewing objects at a shorter or farther distance, progressive lenses could be an ideal solution. That’s not all! These lenses not only help in correcting astigmatism but also help in controlling the progression of myopia.

    If you are above 40 years of age, you must get your eye tested with an eye specialist and take appropriate actions in a timely manner. Though you have chosen the best category of progressive lenses, you can still multiply the clarity by choosing lenses with anti-reflective coating. Anti reflective glasses eliminate the glare or reflections from the front & back side of the glasses. This reduces the strain on the eyes and also makes the eyeglasses more attractive.

    Anti reflective glasses with a coating like Crizal eliminate the reflection on either side of the glass. Anti reflective coating can also be applied to progressive lenses but the person wearing those glasses would need the patience to get adjusted to the glasses. The peripheral vision may appear blurry, especially when you are looking down or it may create a ‘swim effect’ when the head is turned at a faster speed. In such cases, the person wearing the anti reflective glasses may feel that he/she is losing balance. The journey with anti reflective glasses is initially filled with hiccups but once the person is adjusted to the glasses, the journey is smooth J.

    Selecting the right anti reflective glasses is extremely important else you may witness problems with the vision at a later point in life!