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  • BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital’s Revamped Cancer Centre to Promote Holistic Healing for Cancer Patients and Their Families

    Published on February 6, 2023

    • The hospital redesigned its oncology department to make the area more therapeutic and uplifting in response to comments from cancer patients and their families.
    • To make the experience of cancer patients more comfortable while waiting for their consultations, an unwait area with a library shelf with inspirational literature, herbal teas, light music, and modern seats instead of conventional chairs was added.
    • A short cancer film was screened that highlighted the bravery of cancer patients as well as the family’s collective fight against the illness.

    Bengaluru : BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital observed World Cancer Day with a number of new activities in honour of their cancer patients and as a step toward delivering a comprehensive approach to cancer treatment and rehabilitation.

    The hospital officially opened its newly renovated oncology department, which was designed with the requirements of cancer patients and their families in mind to provide them with a soothing and more revitalising environment while receiving cancer treatment.A waiting area with motivational literature for patients to read and take home, herbal tea, soulful music, and enhanced seating chairs are all present in the lovely place, which is packed with inspiring tales of cancer fighters. These elements help to lower stress and improve care.

    Sri Sri Dr. Prakashnath Swamiji, Managing Director of the BGS & SJB Group of Institutions & Hospitals in Bengaluru, as well as doctors including Dr Monika Pansari, Dr Karthik K Prasad, Dr Rajeev Vijayakumar, Dr Govind Eriat, Dr Prerana S Nesargi, Dr Mathangi J, cancer survivors, members of the privileged community, corporate executives, and hospital personnel attended the department’s inauguration.

    Speaking during the screening and film’s premier, Biju Nair, Cluster COO at Bengaluru’s Gleneagles Global Hospitals, remarked, “The bravery of our cancer patients and their families inspires us every day. Launching this short film is our attempt to recognise their fortitude and to convey the idea that we are all in this together during one of their most difficult phases. The battle against cancer is not only about one person; it affects the whole family. We are making every attempt to make their journey as comfortable as possible.”

    Commenting on the significant advancements in cancer treatment and research as well as the advantages it offers patients, Dr Govind Eriat,  Consultant  Hematology, Hemato-Oncology & Stem Cell Transplantation, added, “Of all cancer subspecialties, the amalgamation of cutting edge molecular advancements  and affordable Indian generics, has been most impactful in the realm of haematology, hematological cancers and immunology, as they have translated into bedside care, at an affordable cost.

    Stem cell transplantation is now more accessible to deserving patients, like leukemia and myelomas and refractory lymphomas, in addition to Thalassemia and sickel cell disease.

    Newer immunotherapy platforms like using genetically modified T cells called CAR-T cells are now a reality, which will help patients whose blood cancer has not responded to standard of care, in the high risk and refractory segment.

    The unfavourable side effects that an allogeneic transplant delivers have been minimised by T-cell-based graft management procedures, which are now commonplace. Although the price is prohibitive right now, in a few years it will be affordable for a lot more individuals.

    The enterprise of national and international bone marrow registries to help patients without a family donor, had already saved well over 10000 lives, giving their families a second chance.

    Mesenchymal stromal cells are being used experimentally to help neuroregeneration, to help patients with spinal cord injuries.”

    A vigorous cancer detection and awareness effort is required due to the worrisome rise in cancer incidence. Although there has been progress in raising knowledge of the possibility of getting cancer, there is still a real gulf between what the average person knows about the illness and what can actually be done to screen or diagnose it in himself or his loved ones.

    Dr. Karthik K Prasad, Consultant Surgical Oncologist, commented on the initiatives the hospital is taking to raise awareness and the role of each individual to support cancer patients, saying, “BGS Gleneagles global hospital takes this opportunity to make use of social media for closing the care gap in cancer treatment by emphasising on the collective social responsibility of the public towards this. Every individual in the society is encouraged to develop empathy towards cancer patients and help atleast one person close the care gap and reach out to appropriate cancer caregivers. Sharing of an individual person’s effort on the social media would motivate a thousand others to do the same. We the oncology team at BGS Gleneagles global hospital encourage sharing posts on “how I helped a cancer patient” and share it on instagram with the #we closed the care gap.”


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