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  • Blueair distributes N-95 pollution mask to Gurugram police to help then breathe better, during the very poor air quality levels in the city

    Published on October 21, 2018

    Gurugram: As air quality has degraded in Gurugram to very poor level, Blueair in collaboration with Artemis Hospital distributed 2000 N95 pollution masks to the Gurugram police. Two thousand anti-pollution masks was handed over to police at Police Line, Gurugram on 21st October.

    Air quality in Gurugram is already deemed to be highly polluted, which after burning of crop residue and change in weather condition becomes more toxic and unbreathable and is taking major toll on its people, especially those who have to spend more of their time outside serving duty or other business.

    Arvind Chabra, Head, Blueair India Said “Police team is amongst those highly vulnerable groups who, in line of their duty, spends hours breathing highly toxic air,Which makes them prone to respiratory and other lungs related ailments. These anti-pollution masks will minimize the major impact of toxic air on their health during the duty hours. This initiative will help ensure safety of police personnel from the ill-effects of polluted air,”

    Dr. Himanshu Garg, city based  Respiratory expert said” As policemen on ground are responsible not only for regulating things like traffic but responsible for enforcing all other regulations they are the ones who are most exposed & thus vulnerable to the affects of pollution. As a small gesture N95 pollution masks will help them breathe clean during the time when pollution level is very poor

    Police Commissioner of Gurugram, K K Rao  said As Gurugram police personnel deal with strained environmental condition while serving their duty. These masks from Blueair will help minimize the impact of alarming air pollution on them during high pollution”

    Blueair has been actively engaged in organizing activities to support clean air and increase awareness to control air pollution across the nation especially in Delhi-NCR. This is in line to their various initiatives, which is ongoing for last three years in various forms like ‘See your lungs campaign, save your lungs campaign, planting 10,000 trees to control pollution, plantation march by more than 200 handicapped and school children on World Environment Day, Launching ‘Clean Air Express’ ,  Launching ‘ Blueair Champions campaign’ connecting with more than 10,0000 students across 220 schools to spread awareness on ways to control air pollution, organizing health checkup camps and installations of air purifier at aganwadis  in association with CRY to  support young children  across Delhi-NCR.