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  • Bollywood Actor and Founder of Anahata Retreat Bijay Anand addressed FLO members on “Invoking Spirituality and Mindfulness”

    Published on January 19, 2016

    Hyderabad : Bijay J. Anand, an actor, Kundalini Yoga teacher who returned to Bollywood after a gap of 20 years with Nikhil Sinha’s ‘Siya Ke Ram’ show Flo-Members-Seen-with-Bijayaddressed FICCI Ladies Organisation(FLO) members here in city today.  He had an interaction with them on “Invoking Spirituality and Mindfulness” here in city at Park Hyatt.

    Bijay Anand is a well known personality, who did many TV Shows and Bollywood Films like ‘Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha’ and Yash’ in 90s is now a full time Yoga Teacher.  He is currently playing a role of Maharaja Janak of Mithila(Sita’s father) in the TV Show ‘Siya Ke Ram’. This mythological show is being aired currently on Star Plus and is highly watched one.

    A Kundalini Yoga teacher, certified by the Kundalini Research Institute, Los Angeles, Bijay has a holistic approach to health, as well as the elusive word “Happiness”.

    Bijay has founded Anahata Retreat in Goa.  The organization brings together revered, respected and acclaimed teachers of Yoga, Ayurveda, Wellness and Spirituality from around the world, with eager to learn students and seekers of knowledge.  These meetings are organised in the form of retreats or workshops that are designed with a specific target audience in mind and focus on specific areas of interest.

    He shared today his personal narratives to 100 plus gathering on how Kundalini Yoga has transformed his life. Yoga is known for its powers to transform lives and here is one such splendid example. It is the second most popular Yoga in the world he said.  Spirituality is no something you don’t have to sacrifice anything to get it.  It is an experience, said Bijay.

    Speaking further he added that Mindufulness is training your mind.  Kundalini Yoga is for your soul and other yogas for your body and mind, he said.  Beauty of your mind is most powerful weapon.  How big may be your problem, it can easily solve any problem, he said.

    The interaction was followed by a 10 minute session of Kundalini yoga.

    In his early days, he dabbled in Bollywood doing some films. But Bijay Anand’s association with yoga began around 25 years ago. While living in the fast lane, Bijay Anand’s life seemed to be headed in the wrong direction. He was caught in the whirlpool of ill-health, addictions and depression. Later, being exposed to Kundalini Yoga turned out to be a life-altering experience for him. The actor and art consultant even went on to get a formal training in yoga from the Kundalini Research Institute, Los Angeles and founded Anahata Retreats, an organization that brings together yoga and wellness gurus to offer retreats to people across the globe.

    Earlier, welcoming the gathering, Rakha Lahoti, Chairperson of FLO Hyderabad Chapter said that Yoga was known for its powers to transform lives and there was one such splendid example. While living in the fast lane Bijay Anand’s life seemed to have e headed in the wrong direction. He was caught in a whirlpool of ill health, addictions and depression. Fortunately for him he discovered yoga and it turned his life around. The actor, the art consultant sprung back into acting after a long sabbatical with a renewed perspective on life.

    I have known Bijay for more than a decade. Recently a conversation with him over coffee went on for 3 hours without realization, which made me think that if I could feel amazed by his oratory skills and the control over the subject then our dear members would also feel the same, Rekha informed.

    He says “I teach Kundalini Yoga because I don’t want people to go through what I went through in my life.”  Rekha, added.

    Speaking about development of various initiatives of the Chapter, Rekha said, the Skill Development initiative undertaken by the Chapter, had produced 70 women drivers from three different branches—Begumpet, Nampally and Malakpet.

    Since driving being a non traditional livelihood option for women, it was very difficult to sustain and retain those women. However the Skill development team comprised of Jayshree Sanghani, Sangeetha Kosuru and others,  have today 25 women drivers selected for higher level of training which would make them road ready so that they could avail the employment opportunities, she informed.

    Swayam initiative is also shaping up well and has helped 4 women and hoping more to utilize the opportunity created, Rekha informed.

    Rekha Lahoti also listed our forthcoming programs which include “Bricks & Clicks”, a much awaited discussion by retail business barons of Amazon and Future Group and it would be held in February, she informed.

    The powerful speakers to address FLO members on March 8th, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.  These include:  Elahe Hiptoola, Vinita Dawra Nangia and Lynn D’souza .  A field trip to L&T Metro is also on the cards.  The year will come to end with a program to be graced by Sadhvi Bhagwatiji- from Parmarth Ashram. She would be talking upon…  “Happiness – The Way of Life” – Plastic cards to plastic smile. Where are we heading towards? informed Rekha Lahoti.