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  • Brides in swag – Nova Eyewear showcases the offbeat trends of styling eyeglasses with your wedding lehenga

    Published on January 27, 2022

    Our Indian culture is one of the world’s most adaptable and elegant one. We understand how to adapt to various trends and style them to our own preferences and when it comes for a celebration like wedding, we can always go an extra mile to make the ceremony as joyous as possible. As a trend, we started to wear sunglasses with our favourite lehengas, sarees, and other traditional ethnic outfits. Sunglasses are no longer just an accessory for western outfits. Brides are now wearing sunglasses with their wedding attire!

    Gone are those days when brides used to wear a shy expression on their wedding day. Nowadays, brides enjoy it by flaunting, by showcasing their very best, by dancing, taking pictures and thus making a bold statement before starting a new life. Weddings are more like big celebrations and not only restricted to rituals. Wedding trousseau has undergone massive changes in the recent years. The wedding season has witnessed the emergence of bridal swag, and the most effective aspect of which has been the sunglass syndrome.

    When most people think of wedding glasses, they envision what type of crystal will hold their champagne, but more and more bridal parties are incorporating their personal style through their eyewear. A stylish pair of frames, a custom fit, and careful eye makeup can elevate your everyday eyewear routine. Brides frequently give their wedding party more leeway in terms of dress selection, with bridesmaids now opting for dresses in a variety of colours, lengths, and styles.

    Brides have fun taking photos with glasses, because serious photos of the past are no longer fashionable. A simple pair of sunglasses can give your lehenga a 360-degree spin. A wedding gets its swag when all of Dulhan’s friends get together for photo shoots and completely take over the wedding along with the baraatis in vibrant colours and frames. It makes no difference whether the event is held indoors or on the beach.

    The trend is forcing city wedding planners to think outside the box. Brides want to make the most dramatic entrances possible at their wedding venue. Giving into the preferences and fancies of modern brides, the wedding planners have a tough time planning a blockbuster kind of entry for the bride at the marriage venue. The ambience, the attire, the music, the accessories all need to be commensurate.

    It is critical to choose the right pair of sunglasses, whether they are classic aviators, wayfarers, round John Lennon glasses, D-frame sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses, or vintage-inspired. Nova, as a complete eyewear brand, endeavours to meet the visual requirements of consumers as they adapt to changing times and lifestyles. If offers wide range of contemporary sunglasses which can magnificently change the ethos of a traditional outfit. From reel-life to real-life, relation between sunglasses and wedding outfits has nothing but strengthened over the years. Whatever you decide, you need to make sure that sunglasses are appropriate for your attire and make you look like the star of the show.

    Wedding photos with sunglasses have been taken with every possible combination under the sun or inside a photo booth: bride and groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, family and friends, make strange faces, pose naughtily with your friends, and wear heart-shaped or costume glasses. If you have to take a photo in shades, no matter what the combination, just groove at your wedding!


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