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  • Budget quote from Sandeep Agarwal Global CTO, and Managing Director, Visionet India

    Published on February 9, 2024

    India’s Interim Budget 2024 is a catalyst for fostering innovation and technological advancements. The announcement of a 1 lakh crore fund with a 50-year interest-free loan is a visionary move that holds immense potential for the R&D and innovation landscape in India. This strategic approach ensures a conducive environment for groundbreaking technologies, especially as we witness the emergence of revolutionary technologies like GenAi, Ai & ML, RPA and datafication.

    Visionet, committed to pushing the boundaries of technology, is already making strides in the AI space. Our Multi-lingual Gen AI Chatbot, proficient in 10 Indian languages and 4 international languages, exemplifies our dedication to authentic and personalized interactions across diverse linguistic landscapes which is a key factor for advancement for rural and under-served India . With advanced language processing capabilities, this innovation facilitates seamless knowledge transfer to masses enabling local businesses to go global.

    The budget’s emphasis on startups is particularly noteworthy with key points like  the extension of the date of incorporation and focus on rising industries like Reatil, Fintech, HealthTech, and Infra-Tech.  Through VisionTechFest, our collaborative innovation platform of start-ups, academia and industry, we provide start-ups with the support and resources needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. This budgetary support will undoubtedly amplify the morale of budding entrepreneurs and catalyze the growth of India’s startup landscape.

    Furthermore, the increased allocation to various sectors, including manufacturing, infrastructure, and health, underscores the pivotal role that technology will play in their development. In conclusion, the Interim Budget 2024 not only sets the stage for a technological renaissance but also reinforces India’s position as a global tech hub.  Sandeep Agarwal, CTO-Visionet  put that “We are optimistic about the amazing opportunities this budget creates for tech enthusiasts and businesses. The future for technology in India is indeed promising, and Visionet is ready to be at the forefront of this transformative journey with expanding our team further and creating more than 1000 jobs in the following months”.


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