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  • Saturday, February, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:52:06
  • How artificial intelligence has influenced our lives is a mystery. While AI-powered virtual assistants such as Alexa or Siri are fantastic for entertainment, e-commerce platforms are fully utilizing AI by automating their recommendation system. Automated AI-based cars appear to be getting closer to being a reality in everyday life rather than simply a lab experiment. AI has improved security systems by using facial and image recognition. Medical diagnosis is another use for it in healthcare systems. All of us are aware of how simple customer service has become thanks to chatbots. These businesses have used AI to create creative solutions and automate our daily tasks:

    Veris:Veris is a reputable partner for organizations and enterprises in 22 countries, and it is among the fastest-growing workplace management companies in the globe. Veris, driven by an unwavering commitment to modernize the workplace, has transformed workspaces for companies of all sizes, including multinational conglomerates. Veris is regarded as one of the top 10 firms in its industry worldwide. Veris is the partner who is redefining security, access, governance, and on-demand servicing in the real world. It turns your journey into a customized story, starting with offices and commercial real estate. The thoughtful integration of technology and AI makes interactions change into conversations, long lines into quick check-ins, and disparate systems speak the same language.

     Payoda Technologies :One of the most well-known brands in AI-based solutions is Payoda Technology. One of its products, HealthView X, is among the most sought-after AI-based solutions available for the healthcare industry. Its state-of-the-art clinical care orchestration technology gives patients and physicians access to all medical records on one platform. Additionally, it offers patients a Value-based Care Application Suite that manages their primary care, chronic care, and remote patient monitoring. Along with other innovations, they have completely transformed the BFSI industry with Blockchain and IoT-based solutions. In the area of cybersecurity, they have also created systems to identify and eventually stop fraud.  

    Mirasys India:With unmatched skill in the cutting-edge use of AI technology, real-time analytics, object recognition, and predictive insights, Mirasys is a pioneer in the video surveillance and analytics market, offering unrivaled business intelligence and extremely accurate security. Because of its significant emphasis on data protection and ethical AI usage, Mirasys has positioned itself as a valuable partner in the public and government sectors, particularly in Smart & Safe City, Oil & Gas, and Transportation. Critical spaces including courts and religious institutions, as well as retail chains and outlets, manufacturing, logistics, educational institutions, sports, entertainment, banking, utilities, healthcare, and so forth, all use Mirasys systems.

    Paycorp:Recurring payments can be set up with AI-based systems to be automatically deducted on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Paycorp.io is one of the most renowned platforms thanks to this recurring payment technique, which can be used across a variety of industries. It is possible to pay bills, EMIs, employee salaries, and vendor payments. Same-day payment is a guaranteed B2B recurring auto-debit option with a significantly greater success rate when compared to more conventional modes of payment. Moreover, it facilitates prompt payment, circumventing the imposition of late penalties. With several payment options including cards, ACH, UPI, and other digital formats including WhatsApp, link push, and through the website, it guarantees speedy payments without requiring human participation. It has a direct interface with about eight banks.


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