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  • Café Noir Embraces Classic French Cooking Techniques in its All-New Menu – A Parisian Affair

    Published on October 3, 2022

    As Mumbai prepares to leave behind grey skies and welcome a change of seasons, the city’s favourite all-day café – Cafe Noir, serving French casual cuisine, is ready to kick up its own storm with an all-new menu – A Parisian Affair. The menu highlights classic French flavours, cooking techniques, healthy dishes, and a range of vegan and keto options keeping in mind the palettes of health-conscious customers.

    Keeping high-quality, seasonal produce at the forefront, the new menu transforms locally and internationally-sourced ingredients into classic French dishes, that one may have sampled at a typical French bistro.  Through this menu, one will experience dishes made using signature French techniques such as slow cooking and sous vide, as well as items such as hand-churned ice cream, homemade cheese, freshly baked in-house bread, homemade jams, dips and more. Classically French at heart, the new menu items come with a special Café Noir twist which will leave the diners wanting for more.  A few of the novel additions include vegetarian options such as Za’atar Spiced Broccoli, farm fresh broccoli marinated with zaatar spice, grilled to perfection; Quinoa, Hass Avocado & Orange Salad, mix of white and black quinoa, avocado, hazelnut with yuzu dressing; Red Wine Poached Pear with Smoked Feta Cream, pears poached in wine with smoked feta cream and candied walnuts; and Broccoli & Kale Soup, made with fresh broccoli and kale. Guests can also try non-veg options such as Harissa Chicken & Emmental Crepe with lettuce, caramelised onions and mushrooms; Cheese Melt Lamb Burger, hand-pounded lamb patty, caramelised onions, fried egg and cheese melt; and Textures of Snapper, pan-seared red snapper, buttered mashed edamame, potato dauphinoise, snapper croquette and yuzu sauce, a must try on the Mains. Goat Cheese Spinach & Sundried Tomato Quiche, which will be made-to-order; wood-fired Arugula Feta Pizza, Margherita topped with arugula, feta drizzle with balsamic reduction; Verte Mock Duck Sub, mock duck, spicy mayo arugula, pickles and cheddar melt, come with a special recommendation from the Chef.

    “The idea behind the new menu is to give our guests the experience of Classic French cuisine. Many more flavours and fresh ingredients have been added to this new menu. From freshly baked Quiche, classic Paris crepes to French classic mains.” Chef Shreyas Kadam, Sous Chef Cafe Noir Mumbai.  Speaking about the menu curation, Amit Shetty, Chef De Cuisine, Cafe Noir and Taki Taki, Mumbai adds, “The thought behind the new menu was to keep ingredients fresh, have healthier options, a fine dining experience, and focused more on cooking techniques. Cooking is a bit like cinema. It’s the emotion that counts. To me, food is as much about the moment, and experience as the guest.”

    Through this new menu which focuses on quality produce and cooking techniques, Café Noir aims to give guests an opulent fine dining restaurant experience.


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