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  • Oxford is famous all around the world for its university and its history. Oxford University is Britain’s oldest university. The city of Oxford was founded in the 9th century. Nowadays, the city is a bustling cosmopolitan city. Oxford still has its famous medieval university, but now it also has a growing high-tech community. Many businesses are located in the city, in one of the science and business parks, or in one of the many residential areas. With its mix of old and new, there is plenty for tourists to do. Oxford has everything you may want. You can find numerous historic buildings, colleges, or museums, go out for a drink or to eat, or shop all day long. For casino fans like me there is one in Oxford to visit as well. While we are waiting to be able to travel again, you can meanwhile take a look at casino online.

    A must for any weekend in Oxford is to immerse yourself in the historic city centre. The Radcliffe Camera, the Sheldonian Theatre and the Bridge of Sighs are great places to start a visit in Oxford. Tolkien, Lewis Carrol, and C.S Lewis wrote The Lord of the Rings, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and the Chronicles of Narnia saga surrounded by these buildings.

    The Radcliffe Camera, an iconic building in central Oxford, is the city’s most photographed building, often used as a landmark. It was built to house the university’s science library and still serves as a library today. Visitors cannot roam freely inside, which is fine as the outside is the most impressive part. There are interior tours on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

    The Sheldonian Theatre is another captivating place to add to your Oxford itinerary. The performance hall is mainly used nowadays for Oxford University events. However, it should definitely be admired from the outside, especially in order to see the Sheldonian Heads, a set of thirteen statues guarding the outside.

    The Bridge of Sighs is an elegant bridge and another iconic place to photograph during a weekend in Oxford. It is a suspended walkway over New College Lane connecting parts of New College. You can’t cross it, but you can walk under it and take photos.

    For Harry Potter fans, it is worth visiting the Divinity School. It used to be a conference hall, but now it’s one of Oxford’s gems and it was used in the Harry Potter filming as the Hogwarts Great Ballroom. The magnificent ceiling of this building is worth a visit during your weekend in Oxford. You can enter Divinity School without pre-booking.

    For the best view of Oxford, head to St Mary the Virgin University Church on the High Street. You’ll pay 4 pounds, but it’s worth it. After a steep climb up a very windy staircase, you can take in the views for miles around and take some great photos of All Souls College (below) and the Radcliffe Camera.

    No weekend in Oxford would be complete without visiting one of its famous colleges. There are 45 colleges in Oxford. These fortified colleges were founded centuries ago to protect students from persecution by the townspeople. Today, they offer the charm that tourists from all over the world come to find in Oxford.

    Christ Church is another must-see place for Harry Potter fans. Christ Church is Oxford’s most touristic university in large part because of its many Harry Potter filming locations inside. You can walk independently and observe the staircase and dining room used in the Harry Potter filming, take a guided tour, and enter Christ Church Cathedral.

    Magdalen College is located just before the Magdalen Bridge. This huge college has a massive yard, a herd of deers, and a red phone booth with flowers growing inside, perfect for Instagram posts.

    If you have 2 full days in Oxford, you will certainly have time to explore Oxford Castle and Prison, a medieval castle just a five-minute walk from the city centre. The castle was restored in the 12th century, which means that today you can still see its original features like its fortified courtyard. The prison is now a charming hotel, Malmaison, in which you can choose to stay at.

    If you’re short on time, admire the Castle Mound and stroll through the Castle District which is now full of cafes and shops. For full access to the interior, the old prison, and the gift shop, book a ticket including a guided tour for 12 pounds. With more free time, you can do the Jailbreak escape room.

    On your second day in Oxford, you can pass the must-see city centre attractions and explore a few other parts of Oxford. If the sun is shining, take a boat trip. It is undeniably an iconic addition to your weekend in Oxford. The only UK cities to offer this are Oxford and Cambridge, so if you’re visiting between February and November why not go for a picnic with a bottle of wine and enjoy the river?