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  • Friday, October, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:55:25
  • Article by Lynda Samuels

    Much has changed in the world of Pageantry throughout the decades. What do the delegates wear? Should it be one piece or two? Even the Evening Gown competition has come under question. Surgeries, enhancements, excessive monetary investments for the all-too-coveted crown and banner have, unfortunately, clouded what, to many, remains to be the true meaning behind the crown and sash – the titleholder herself. I’m proud to present my interview with two 2019-2020 reigning titleholders, whose raw and honest answers help bring the focus back to the ideas and goals of hopeful delegates who “Accepted Experiences and Embraced Possibilities!” Enjoy my Close Up with Ms. Classic Universe, Krista Kacey and Mrs. Classic Universe, Ragini Singh.

    Samuels: What impression do you want people to have of you when they meet you for the first time?

    Krista: I am safe. You can drop all pretenses, all barriers, all inhibitions and we can authentically connect. have no need or desire to be there director or critic of your script. Open up, spill out your blue bottles if you choose. I will not take them down for you, break the glass, or expose your vulnerabilities to anyone else. I am safe because I have been through my worst nightmares and come through triumphant. Not because I am superior, but because I found freedom within and deeply, passionately, desire the same for you.

    Ragini: I want people to have the impression of love and passion for me. believe that a successful leader’s courage to fulfill his or her vision comes from passion and not position. Love and passion motivate me to do extraordinary hard work even when the situation is uncertain. For me, passion is the power of hard work, determination, and creativity that makes great accomplishment possible. With love and passion, one can go above and beyond one’s call of duty to achieve superlative outcomes.

    Samuels: What social issue do you feel strongly enough about to get involved with and why?

    Krista: Oh, so many. My personality is one that takes up causes with passion! Typically, I hover in the education arena. I am currently a member of the Board of Directors and a mentor for a nonprofit focused on teen girls. We guide them through our program which gives them valuable skills and culminates in the publication of an uplifting magazine called “Pristine Magazine.” I feel strongly about giving teens the confidence necessary to navigate the transition into successful, confident, wise women.

    Ragini: “Donate blood for a reason and let the reason be a life”. Delivering safe blood is my priority. I want to motivate people for blood donation, as blood not only saves a life but also decreases the risk of cancer, obesity, and improves the cardiovascular health of the donor. I want to make people aware that human blood cannot be manufactured, and they are the only source for it.

    Samuels: In the business world today, do you feel it is important to be able to communicate in another language and why?

    Krista: Absolutely. Or at least be deeply aware of other cultures. It is not necessarily critical for all businesses to operate bilingually, but regardless of specific business affairs, it is important to understand how we best serve all on this shrinking planet. I lived and worked in Asia for years and though my current business ventures do not require another language, I am intensely aware of our interconnectedness and see all people without judgment because of my experiences abroad.

    Ragini: Business is a relationship where our goal is often to foster strong partnerships. Being able to communicate effectively with your business partner, for instance in a language that is not your own, can greatly improve that relationship.

    Samuels: Life is made of choices. What ONE choice did you make that you feel defines who you are today?

    Krista: During a very difficult and critical juncture, I cut the puppet strings (i.e., nylon cords) and became a real girl—no strings attached. I realized I had been acting against my will as though I was controlled. In that moment, I took ownership of the fact that I was acting. Me. No one else to blame. Since that time, two decades ago, I have become increasingly awake to my sole—and soul—responsibility to define my life on every cellular level. I now own my part. I’ll leave yours to you.

    Ragini: The quality of your life is ultimately shaped by the quality of your choice and decision.” One choice on which I feel defines me today is balancing mind, body, and soul. I achieve this by practicing meditation and yoga. Both help me stay focused and balance any situation in life positively. Yoga and meditation help me build strength, coordination, and flexibility while calming the mind.

    Samuels: What advice would you offer to someone about embracing life’s possibilities?

    Krista: If I am to offer anyone advice, it is only right that I first accept it myself. I have advised myself to capitalize on fear such that as soon as I identify it, I have an obligation to act. “I can’t,” therefore “I must.” I would suggest remembering we are all in it together; we are all experiencing the same human experience, regardless of how high we esteem others. Shows like this can be prime to either perpetuate a perception of superiority or used as a perfect position to show what is possible for everyone. We can each embrace or deny the possibilities before us…but embracing challenges is infinitely more rewarding.

    Ragini: “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today & creates a vision for tomorrow” For me, gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s a spark that lights the fire of joy in your soul. So having gratitude for everything you have in your life is the most important quality which everyone should embrace in their life. 


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