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  • David Bolno Made His Mark on the LA Business Community. Here’s Why He’s Now Putting a Priority on Giving Back

    Published on May 11, 2023

    David Bolno has long been recognized as an expert in his field. Even so, he knows from personal experience that success doesn’t come easy. He worked full time while he studied to earn an undergraduate degree at Duke University and a law degree at Temple University.  After graduating, he diligently studied the ins and outs of business management. He spent long hours learning the skills needed to help his clients set up and run successful businesses. 

    To say Bolno achieved his goals is an understatement. He became an expert in multiple business management fields to offer clients comprehensive, well-rounded advice. He has advised on personal and business wealth. He offers professional help with tax planning in the United States and other countries. He is an expert on devising business plans for start-up companies. He also offers professional advice to help companies of all sizes evaluate their cash flow and income streams. Leading news outlets such as Variety and The Hollywood Reporter have highlighted David Bolno and his high success rate. 

    Even so, Bolno never allowed success to go to his head. He put a priority on staying abreast of market trends and conditions. His commitment to continued learning helped him adapt to changing market conditions that have derailed other business managers. Bolno credits his commitment to professional development and his education for making him the man he is today. 

    It’s Not Enough

    For David Bolno, reaching the top of the career ladder in his industry wasn’t enough. However, unlike other very successful businesspeople, he had no interest in pivoting to a new industry. Projects such as orbiting earth, colonizing Mars, or even running for political office had no interest for him. Bolno faced and overcame challenges to get to where he is today. That’s why he decided it was time to not only focus on business management but also giving back. Bolno has donated millions of dollars and thousands of hours of his time to help the less fortunate in California and other states.

    David Bolno’s Philanthropic Work

    David Bolno has long understood the importance of a good education. Therefore, it’s not surprising that he’s chosen to focus on helping others receive a solid educational foundation. Bolno believes that financial limitations shouldn’t stop students from pursuing their studies. To this end, he’s established scholarship programs to help hard-working students further their education. Even so, he also knows that young people need more than an academic education to succeed in life. Bolno’s mentorship program pairs young people with professionals in their chosen career. It’s a rewarding partnership for all involved. Young people learn about their chosen career from someone who has already excelled in the field. Successful businesspeople get to share their wisdom and life experience with eager learners. 

    David Bolno also understands from his own life experience that a good education and successful career will only take a person so far. He knows that teaching young people to become leaders is about more than imparting academic training. Even helping young people learn career-related life lessons isn’t enough. He explains that many people who do well in the world feel grateful for their successes and a desire to show their gratitude by giving back. At the same time, he urges those he works with not to wait until they’ve reached all their career goals to help their fellow man. Bolno works with universities and schools to develop community service projects for their students. This helps children and young people learn about the importance of helping others from a young age.

    Many of Bolno’s efforts aren’t spearheaded by him. In fact, he doesn’t even come up with all his own ideas for different projects. David Bolno learned early in life that listening to other people is key to success. He uses this skill every day as a business manager to ensure that his financial advice meets a client’s exact needs. He also uses this skill in his philanthropic work. Bolno takes the time to listen to people in educational institutions to discover what their needs are and how he can best meet them. His collaborative projects include funding university research projects in fields such as health and technology. Bolno has also set up projects to provide underprivileged communities with access to good healthcare and vital resources. Furthermore, he tries to ensure his projects boost diversity in higher education. This helps people of all genders and ethnic backgrounds have a chance to reach their full potential. 

    David Bolno on Giving Back

    A wealthy client once thanked Bolno for “pulling my life together for me and putting me in a position where I can now begin to build my empire.” The moving tribute says everything about Bolno’s approach to helping people. As a business manager, Bolno emphasizes business structure, growth, and planning. However, he also took time to meet his client’s personal needs and help them become the people they needed to be to succeed in life. He takes this same approach when working with young people. He listens to their needs and answers their questions. Then he offers financial assistance and advice tailored to their needs. His approach helps people make their professional dreams come true.

    For David Bolno, the people he works with are like family. It doesn’t matter if they are wealthy or not. Their gender, ethnicity, and educational background likewise don’t matter. He understands that leaving a mark on the world isn’t about becoming as wealthy as possible and then sitting back and enjoying it. Rather, he aims to make a difference that will live on for centuries to come. He does this by training the leaders of tomorrow and empowering them so they can be successful in their chosen fields. Additionally, his example of giving back to the community motivates others, including some of his clients, to start or contribute to charitable projects that make the world a better place. Bolno’s influence is sure to be felt for generations. He not only changes lives for the better but also motivates these individuals to likewise make a positive difference in other people’s lives.


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