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  • Delhi Diaries: Crime rising in capital; over 70k cases till June 30

    Published on July 20, 2014

    Registering a phenomenal surge, Delhi police recorded over 70,000 cases under delhi crimeIPC laws in the national capital till June 30 this year, up from the 80,000 cases reported in the entire last year.

    The rise has been attributed to various factors like rapid urbanisation, socio-economic imbalances and especially increased awareness among the public.

    According to Delhi police, the special measures taken by them and the government asking people to come forward and lodge their complaints freely has yielded significant results.

    As per the statistics prepared by Delhi Police, the total number of IPC cases reported in Delhi till June 30 this year is 71,523.

    In 2013, a total of 80,184 cases were reported in the national capital under various sections of the IPC in the entire span of 12 months.

    The number stood at 54,287 in 2012 while in 2011 it was 53,353, and in 2010, 51,292.

    The major sections in which rise has been seen is in dacoity, robbery, motor vehicle theft, snatching and other theft.

    Forty four cases of dacoity were reported till June 30 this year as against 33 incidents in 2013.

    More than double the cases of robbery have been reported in the first six months of 2014 i.e. 2,678, as against 1,245 in the entire span of 12 months in 2013.

    According to police, rapid urbanisation, very large floating population, socio-economic imbalances and easily accessible escape routes to neighbouring states for criminal elements has been the factors contributing to the rise of crime in the national capital.

    The number of rape cases reported have also increased from 1,636 in entire 2013 to 984 in the first six months this year in the national capital which has been under increased spotlight over crimes against women after the December 16, 2012, bus gangrape of a student.

    As many as 1,980 cases of molestation have been reported till June 30 this year as against a total of 3,515 such cases in 2013.

    Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi had recently said that “truthful” recording of cases of crime against women has caused a 500 per cent rise in such cases.


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