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  • Dental care startup Smiles.ai rebrands as Dezy; plans to launch 300 clinics, clock in annualized revenue of INR 300 crores by FY25

    Published on June 1, 2023

      Having strengthened its foothold as a premium specialist in the dental care industry, dental health solutions start-up Smiles.ai has rebranded itself as Dezy with ambitious plans to launch 300 clinics and clock in an annualized revenue of INR 300 Cr by FY 25. The rebranding reflects the D2C brand’s commitment to offering the best dental health services through cutting edge technology which will ensure transparency and ease of treatment right at the patients’ doorstep. Dezy, a distinguished specialist brand, excels in curative, cosmetic, and preventive seamlessly integrating human expertise with cutting-edge smart technology. The overarching aim is to provide utmost clarity through every step of the dental care journey – diagnosis, course & duration of treatment along with pricing transparency to help consumers best plan their medical expenses devoid of any surprise billings.

    The dental care startup has officially adopted the name Dezy after several months of brainstorming to highlight the fact that it is ushering in an era of making dental care easy that is high on efficacy. A significant shift from Smiles.ai, the new brand name sets it apart from all others in the category, signifying its evolution as a new-age, innovative dental care provider. It offers products and services grounded in science to ensure precision dentistry through qualified specialists and superior dentistry tools ensuring quality treatment. Dezy marks a shift away from the fear and misinformation surrounding dental care, helping build further confidence and trust in the brand.

    Recognizing the uniqueness of each case, Dezy serves as a comprehensive solution for tailored treatments. With its extensive expertise and a team of highly qualified professionals, Dezy offers top-notch research and development, ensuring the provision of quality products. The goal is to deliver a seamless treatment journey by embracing a fresh brand identity through rebranding efforts. Dezy has recently introduced cutting-edge signature clinics that prioritize customer convenience and satisfaction. By harnessing technology, Dezy aims to enhance transparency and provide clear information to consumers at every step of their journey.

    Prasantha Vadan, Founding Partner, Brand & Growth, Dezy, “Almost every city has a dental clinic with the keyword ‘smile’. To differentiate our brand from others, we decided to adopt the name Dezy. Although we came up with many options, we couldn’t convince ourselves of any other name than Dezy. The transition from Smiles.ai to Dezy wasn’t difficult for us – it was the next natural progression for our venture. In addition, we continue to cater to our Smiles.ai client base as well.”

    Dezy – erstwhile Smiles.ai – has already raised $23M in Series A investment in 2022 led by Alpha Wave Incubation. Investors like Sequoia Capital India, Chiratae Ventures, MBX Capital and Wami Capital also participated in the round. With the investment, Dezy worked on expanding its national footprint, strengthening the leadership team and developing tech-driven dental solutions. Dezy has grown 5X in 2022 from 2019 and scaled up its aligner & clinic business in multiple cities.


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