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  • DENVER captured two new fragrances for men named ‘WINSTON & HAMILTON’

    Published on June 26, 2011

    DENVER captured two new fragrances for men named ‘WINSTON & HAMILTON’

    DENVER, A new leader in Deodorant body spray from Vanesa Inc unveils two new fragrances in Deodorants body spray for Men ‘WINSTON & HAMILTON’. It has soothing and impudent smell which provides you a pleasure of satisfaction and freshness. DENVER’s Winston & Hamilton is a youth fragrant brand, and talks of infinite energy intrinsic to the youth of today. Keeping up with changing youth trends the packaging has been revamped to give it a new stylized look this season. Both of the fragrances reflect the unstoppable nature of the youth who stop at nothing or to have nonstop fun/enjoyment.

    Today’s youth who wants to capture attention of all girls. Winston & Hamilton is perfect for them as it has sensual effect which hit directly to their mind.

    DENVER’s Winston & Hamilton is very natural of international standards and keeping changing trends of day to day lifestyles, tastes and demands. Its aroma is long lasting which keep you fresh for long time and hit invaluable impression.

    Each fragrance of DENVER’s Winston & Hamilton is closed in 180ml. attractive canes with a very sensible price tag of Rs.170 available at all leading stores across the country.