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  • Different Types of Mangalsutras that You Must Consider Buying

    Published on April 18, 2022

    Hindu marriage symbolises the coming together of two people and the development of mutual understanding and commitment. Hindu culture’s five symbols of a woman’s marital status are the mangalsutra, toe rings, kumkum, bangles, and nose ring. This article will discuss ladies mangalsutra designs and the significance that they bring to the table in different societies and cultures.

    What is a Mangalsutra? 

    It’s an amalgamation of any pendant with several black beads meant to keep the couple safe from any negative energy and bring them happiness.’ The words “Mangal” and “Sutra” both mean “holy” and “thread,” respectively. The groom ties the bride’s mangalsutra around her neck during the wedding ritual. Ladies mangalsutra is the Indian equivalent of a wedding band or an engagement ring. Most commonly, mangalsutras are bought as a gold chain women

    Types of Managalsutra

    Apart from the gold chain for women mangalsutras, there are several unconventional types of managalsutras. Some of them are listed below:

    Kashmiri Mangalsutra

    Kashmiri brides’ mangalsutras are one-of-a-kind. They’re gold earrings with a bare red thread woven around them. During their Kashmiri bride’s wedding ceremony, the parents present her with the earrings. Once the wedding is over, the red thread is replaced with a gold chain when she arrives at her husband’s house. Her in-laws will gift her “Aath”, the gold chain. “Aathoru,” a small golden adornment, is also included by some.

    Sindhi Mangalsutra

    Sindhi wedding culture is incomplete without a mangalsutra. A beaded chain in black beads and gold hangs from a pendant. The bride and groom’s tastes influence the design and the structure mangalsutra. Brides nowadays prefer a more contemporary design to wear it regularly.

    Bihari Mangalsutra

    A mangalsutra is, commonly called Taagpaag is worn by married women in Bihari culture. This acts as a symbol of marrying. Women also wear toe rings called “bichwa.” Indian customs include wearing toe rings. They’re thought to be necessary for a woman’s reproductive system to function correctly. Mangalsutra is referred to as Taagpag informally. It is a black beaded chain with their choice of pendant.

    Tamil Mangalsutra or Thaali Kodi

    Wedding rings represent a commitment, togetherness, and respect for one another, just as the Tamil mangalsutra, also known as the thaali is the sign or a representation of a Hindu marriage. The ceremony where the groom dresses his bride in a Thaali is known as “Mangala Dharanam.” Thirumangalayam, Mangalyam, Thaaly, and Kodi are some of the other names for Thaali.

    Thaali is available in a range of sizes and shapes. These are mythologically based or are based on family legends. Symbols engraved on the Thaali include the family deity, Lord Shiva, and Goddess Meenakshi. The weight of thaali is about 4-5 grammes and is composed of gold. To make it more intricate and rich, gold, diamonds, and stones can be placed close to the main Thaali as a part of the chain. 

    Kerala Mangalsutra or Minnu

    The mangalsutra is referred to as “Thaali” by Hindus and “Minnu” by Christians in Kerala. A Minnu is present at every Christian wedding. The Minnu is a pendant that features a cross, a Christian emblem, on a heart-shaped gold medallion. The idea of love is symbolised by a heart. The cross is a symbol of the bond that must exist between spouses. A cross is made up of several gold dots. Seven strands of thread flowed through the Minnu. The number seven represents the bride, groom, parents, and church.

    Telugu Mangalsutra

    The Telugu mangalsutra is made up of two circular figures or coin-like structures. A disc tied with a yellow thread is presented by both the groom’s and bride’s families. The groom binds the two gold discs, each with its yellow thread, around the bride’s neck during the wedding ritual. Three mangalsutra knots are tied by the groom. 

    After the wedding, the two discs are connected sixteen days later. The groom or a family elder may perform this rite. A gold wire strung with black and coral beads connect the two discs. This is done to avoid them colliding with each other. After the wedding, the bride bathes and changes into a new sari.

    Vati Mangalsutra

    Two bowl-shaped vatis and a black beaded chain form the Maharashtrian mangalsutra. The gold vatis symbolise Shiva and Shakti. The two strands that come together with the help of beads symbolise the relationship of a husband and wife. The black beads are worn to protect the couple against negativity. “Nirgun” and “Shagun” are the names of two black beads. A Nirgun is a chain made entirely of black pearls. Two gold beads called Shagun, separate every set of 9 black beads.  


    There are different types of mangalsutras. You can pick yours based on the design you want. Different managalsutras have various significances, and you should know about them before you buy one.


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