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  • Sunday, December, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:38:08
    • This is one of the biggest fire claims settled by Digit Insurance
    • Digit was able to close the entire claim in nine months

    Bengaluru : Digit Insurance, a unicorn general insurance company, announced it has fully settled a claim of INR 137 crore against a major fire outbreak that took place at a plant of one of India’s leading chemical manufacturing companies in February this year. The insurer said the claim for the fire, which took place at the company’s plant in Gujarat, was settled in a span of nine months.

    The mishap, which took place due to a devastating explosion followed by fire in the early hours of 23rd February, also saw injury and loss of life of workers apart from property damage. Considering the magnitude of the loss, Digit released Rs 25 crore to the aggrieved party within 22 days followed by Rs 20 crore on 14th June 2021. To speed up the claims process, the insurer formed a dedicated team for expediting the settlement discussions. The remaining Rs 92 crore was released by Digit Insurance on 30th November 2021.

    Vivek Chaturvedi, Chief Marketing Officer, Digit Insurance, said, “A loss of this degree breaks people’s spirits and has a long-lasting impact on the business. The least we could do as an insurer was to minimize the loss and pain by settling the claim at the earliest. Empathy on the insurer’s part becomes very important in such circumstances and we are happy that prompt response from our dedicated team helped in settling the claim seamlessly.”

    The claim settlement was led by Go Digit General Insurance and the company’s strong reinsurance support helped it settle the claim in a span of only 280 days. For Q2FY22, Digit had a claim settlement ratio of 99.5% for fire insurance.

    “We are happy to have partnered with Digit. We are thankful to their entire team that helped us in these difficult times and settled our claim expeditiously. This will help us restart our operations smoothly,” said the aggrieved company, which bought the Digit Industrial Mega Risk Insurance Policy in July 2020.


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