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  • Digital creator and actor Rey King’s master plan on promoting fitness on a global level, Read to know!

    Published on July 27, 2021

    Over the last few years, we have often heard that fitness is for the body. While fitness plays a crucial role in the development of muscles in the human body, but it also boosts the mental health and overall wellbeing of an individual. Focusing to foster the overall health of an individual, digital creator and actor Lazaro Reinier Baluja Carbo alias Rey King is truly making his presence felt over the web. The Cuban influencer has time and again proved his mettle of being a multi-faceted personality.    

    Currently living in Zürich, Switzerland, Rey King is a man with many talents. Apart from creating some informative content about fitness, he is an actor, a model and a fitness trainer. Always fascinated with lights, camera and action, the influencer feels glad to bring a positive impact on people’s life. Being a pro-active fitness enthusiast, Rey King says that he wants to influence people to follow the path of discipline and punctuality.

    From day one, Rey King’s goal has been pretty clear – groom his skills and share his best knowledge with the audience. His Instagram page, ‘@rey1king’ is a perfect depiction of fashion, lifestyle and fitness. Moreover, he is revolutionizing the fitness industry by creating content about health and fitness regularly. Along with it, the talented lad plans to collaborate with different fitness creators and influencers to spread the message of staying fit on a global scale. 

    Speaking about the same, he said, “Nobody can break the chain of unity. Imagine if 10 fitness enthusiasts like me come together to bring a change, there is bound to be positivity all around. The plan is to change people’s perception from a dull lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle.” Well, Rey King’s collaborative effort to raise the bar of fitness looks like a win-win situation, and he is rightly spreading the awareness through the digital medium.  On his business front, the fitness Zurich influencer owns a brand named ‘Vida Nutrition BC’. It is a supplement brand that sells different kinds of nutrition products. Elaborating about the importance of nutrition, Rey stated that a human’s personality is a reflection of what he or she consumes. “If you eat right, it will be pretty evident with the way you lead your lifestyle”, he added. Besides collaborating with other creators, Rey King is also in talks to collaborate with fitness brands from all over the world