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    Diwali gift shopping for family

    Published on November 4, 2020

    No family member is alike. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. So, shopping for them is extra tough, even tougher than buying something for your spouses or friends. It can be a tad intimidating trying to look for multiple gifts for different personalities in the house. Don’t fret!

    With the biggest season of gifting around the corner, we are sure you already sweating it out in search of a perfect Diwali gift. If you’re spending hours hunting for something great for your loved ones, our list of Diwali gifts given below will help you fast-pace the process:

    1. For mothers:

    Massage recliner chair 

    If there’s one person that runs behind the daily household chores, it’s your mom! Hats off to the woman, of course. But hey, give her a break too. This festive season, surprise her with a massage recliner chair that allows her to relax after a long, busy day. It is no less than a lounging chair that lets her take some time off for herself and slump into it whenever required without feeling guilty about it. 

    1. For brothers:

    Jigsaw puzzle 

    Raise your hands if your brother is the puzzle master of the house. Well then, trust us, there’s nothing better than a jigsaw puzzle as a Bhai dooj gifts for him. Diwali is an ideal time to bring out the competitive spirit in him. This year, gift a jigsaw puzzle to him and watch how long he takes to solve it all by himself. Get ready to be surprised at the speed of which he solves the puzzle!!

    1. For sisters: 

    Selfie ring light 

    When does your sister not have a phone in her hand? In fact, let’s frame it a better way: When do you not see her pouting her way in the selfies? Well, if you don’t remember a single time, a selfie ring light is the perfect gift for her. Surprise the official selfie taker in your fam with a flashy selfie ring light to help her get better pictures on her phone. All you have to do is sit back and watch her spam Instagram with her never-ending selfies. 

    1. For fathers: 

    Personalised family canoe art 

    Fathers love a good adventure. Right from cruising to hiking, he might love spending time outdoors. Well, if that’s the case, a personalised canoe art is one of the excellent Diwali gifts for him. This Diwali celebration, get an illustration of every family member, including your pets and wait to watch his expression. Trust us, the greatest adventurer of your family will adore a Diwali gift like this! 

    1. For relatives: 

    Pizza maker 

    It is no secret that everybody loves pizza, be it the oldies, adults or the kids in the family. Bring home a pizza maker for the pizza monsters and look at them glow. It is one of the multi-functional Diwali gifts that can be used to make different things other than just a pizza! In fact, your loved ones can make quesadillas, nachos, chunky cookies, or even wholesome cinnamon buns. Amazing right? 

    With the above-mentioned ideas, we are sure you’ll get exactly what they are looking for. Pro tip: take cues from what they share with you. Listen carefully. And you’re good to go. Happy Diwali shopping, guys!