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  • Dr. Meenu’s Valiant Attempt for Gender Parity Using Her Artwork

    Published on September 29, 2021

    New Delhi : It is famously said that art has the vigour to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate masses through its peculiar way of conveying a message. Dr. Meenu is the founder of Cosmo Arts India Gallery, which is renowned for showcasing artwork that symbolises the grit of women and their resilience to revive each time they are pushed down. She is an extremely revered persona in the art community. Being a passionate artist, Dr. Meenu has created a series of artwork depicting the shape of lips that narrates a very powerful message regarding the influence and importance of the feminist movement.  Her artwork is a visual representation of the figures of lips painted in different hues of colours, extraordinarily vivid patterns and venerated artwork of Van Gogh mounted on a black background. Inevitably her endeavour with the all black background is to accentuate the perception that every skin tone is praiseworthy. Definitely the white skin supremacy is completely redundant in terms of beauty and admiration. This exquisite series of artwork has been created using materials such as resin fibre and paper mache.

    The sterling piece of artwork encompasses various sub-themes ranging from: winged lips stand for the undeterred will of women to strive for what is rightfully theirs. It talks about the emotional liberation of the female community across the cosmos. Speaking about the lip figures donning a leopard skin pattern is symbolic of the ultimate power that a woman possesses to fare through all the difficulties that the world throws at her. Nextly a barbed wire running across the lips signifies the extreme suppression meted out to women in the society and the need to provide the fundamental right to speak up for themselves. Furthermore, the lips figure with a vibrant illustration of cosmos that manifests the desire of women to rise up in the world full of domination to lead lives with dignity. She has dedicated a piece of the lips figure donning the famous painting of Van Gogh, famously known as the “Starry Night”, to shed light on the artistic fervour of women. Ultimately, in order to demonstrate the hurdles and unnecessary crackdown of women across the world, Dr. Meenu has designed a lip figure with the tricolour of the Indian national flag.

    While commenting on the bold and vibrant piece of artwork, DR. Meenu, Founder, Cosmo Arts India Gallery said “I firmly believe that art can competently facilitate societal changes in today’s era. Being a staunch feminist, I have always made efforts to portray the need to propel for solidarity amongst the female community if they want real change to happen. We can’t remain silent spectators to the wrongs subjected to other women across the world. This is why empowerment of women and empowerment by women is the way forward to give rise to a world with parity for both the genders. Therefore, this particular piece of mine with various patterned and coloured lips symbolises the unquenched aspirations of women and their determination to break the chains of patriarchy.” Dr. Meenu’s artwork is bewitching and has the capability to revolutionize the way people see and treat the women community in every fragment of society.


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