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  • DR. S. Jaishankar Unveils Sardar: The Game Changer – A Riveting Tale Of India’s Bloodless Revolution

    Published on February 22, 2024

     Mumbai: Renowned diplomat and Union Minister of External Affairs Dr. S. Jaishankar recently received the inaugural copy of the English edition of ‘Sardar: The Game Changer’ by acclaimed author Geeta Manek. In a tweet, Dr. Jaishankar expressed his belief that the book would significantly enhance our understanding of a crucial period in modern Indian history. The book, which has garnered widespread acclaim, is now set to be adapted into a captivating TV serial by Doordarshan, ensuring its reach to every corner of the nation.

    ‘Sardar: The Game Changer’ transcends the story of an individual; it chronicles the bloodless revolution led by a singular force – Sardar Patel – that united a fragmented India teetering on the brink of balkanization during the eve of independence. This monumental achievement deserves the highest accolades, and the book serves as a beacon illuminating this remarkable chapter in our nation’s past.

    Originally penned in Gujarati, the book has been translated into both Hindi and English. The Gujarati version was unveiled by the Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Vijay Rupani, while the Hindi edition was launched by none other than the Honorable Home Minister of India, Mr. Amit Shah.

    Geeta Manek is an accomplished writer who is known for her meticulous research and evocative storytelling. She has written novels, short stories, children’s stories and travelogues in the Gujrati language. She is also a columnist and playwright. Her play on India’s first female doctor, Anindibai Joshi was performed at the International Theatre Festival and had won both critical and popular acclaim. She is also writer of the play, Bombay Flower, based on the life of Mrs. Rattanbai Jinnah (Ruttie), wife of Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Premiered at NCPA experimental, it continues to run successfully.

    “I believe this book is her finest work, the crown of her creativity. Her language is simple, and her writing style is very engaging. She can make an uninteresting historical event interesting like you are watching a film. That’s the power of her pen,” comments actor Manoj Joshi in the foreword.

    Readers have been spellbound by the narrative, which deftly weaves historical facts and events into a contemporary tapestry. The book’s engaging style compels readers to delve deeper, uncovering the untold stories that shaped India’s destiny.


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