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  • Eaton Expands Oil & Gas Capabilities in India, Showcases Safety and Energy-Efficient Solutions for the Segment

    Published on February 17, 2014

    Bangalore:  Power management company Eaton today hosted an Oil & Gas Technology Day at The Leela Ambience Hotel, Gurgaon to showcase its expanded range of electrical, hydraulics and filtration solutions for the Oil & Gas segment. The showcase also included products from the former Cooper Industries, which Eaton acquired in late 2012.

    The largest in Eaton’s 102-year history, the Cooper acquisition has been a transformational milestone that expands the company’s market segment reach, strengthens its global geographic footprint and gives Eaton one of the broadest portfolios of electrical products, services and solutions for the Oil & Gas industry.

    Eaton is engaged in a major strategic initiative to grow its Oil & Gas business in India. The Oil & Gas Technology Day at Gurgaon is part of a strategic initiative that includes a series of events  to reach out to customers and EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contractors, and enable effective interactions across major regions and markets.

    “The Oil & Gas segment has tremendous growth potential in India,” said Nitin Chalke, managing director for Eaton in India. “Globally, it is a key segment of focus for Eaton and we are uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive component and service solution portfolio tailored for Oil & Gas applications.”.

    “Eaton has been a solutions provider to the Oil & Gas industry for several decades and continues to make focused investments in building new capabilities, expanding our manufacturing presence, and launching new products and solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers in this segment. It gives us a unique strategic advantage to incorporate former Cooper brands into our existing range of industry-leading electrical, hydraulics and filtration product offerings,” Chalke added.

    Eaton brings a new dimension of expertise to help master the heavy power capabilities and safety systems integral to uninterrupted operations in the harshest environments and to the maximization of refining operations.

    “Our customized, innovative solutions can be retrofitted to extend lifecycles and meet changing regulatory and processing requirements,” said Syed Sajjadh Ali, managing director for Eaton’s Electrical Sector in India. “And with leading safety products, including our Crouse-Hinds line of electrical and instrumentation solutions, we offer a unique combination of systems, components and services that ensure our customers minimize risk and optimize their investment.”

    At the event in Gurgaon, Eaton displayed a comprehensive range of specialized electrical, hydraulics and filtration solutions for the Oil & Gas industry in India that help ensure optimized performance for lower cost of ownership and reduced complexity, increased operational predictability and reduced probability of hazardous situations and environmental issues. For example, Eaton variable frequency drives help to extend motor life and reduce energy requirements and costs; low speed high torque motors are suitable for harsh conditions; and pump sand intelligent fluid hoses are designed to enhance uptime and responsiveness.

    Eaton safety systems are engineered to enhance personnel safety and to protect and enhance facilities and equipment in remote locations. To prevent arc flash events in high-risk environments, Eaton provides more than 55 industry-leading arc flash prevention solutions and an engineering services team with expertise in training and arc flash hazard analysis. Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds explosion-proof enclosures and hazardous area communications systems are designed to enhance safety and protect facilities in harsh and hazardous environments.

    The key displays at the Technology Day included some of Eaton’s industry leading and game changing Oil & Gas offerings such as:

    ·                     Eatonite™ laser cladding that offers state –of-the-art protection for surfaces exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as salt spray. This extends the life of products and reduces costs of unplanned maintenance and equipment downtime

    ·                     Eaton AxisPro™ proportional valves that provide integrated programmable control capabilities in sophisticated electrohydraulic axis control applications.

    ·                     Eaton’s LifeSense® hydraulic hose monitoring system that keeps constant watch on  the health of hydraulic hose assemblies, detects events that indicate the hose is beginning to fail, and notifies the user prior to hose failure with enough time to replace hose before it fails. This enhances safety, reduces system downtime, clean-up costs, environmental damage and increases service life by up to 50 percent.

    ·                     The FlashGard® that incorporates industry-leading technology to enhance personnel safety and protect equipment from the dangers of arc flash. Eaton’s innovative arc-preventative design that emphasizes prevention, insulation and isolation to support safety during maintenance operations.

    ·                     LED luminaires  that offer an extremely long life and energy efficiency, helping to remove the high maintenance costs associated with traditional lamps. They can be used in IEC & NEC applications in Zone ½ & Div. ½ with many retrofit possibilities. Unique Zone 1 GRP retrofit models are also available.

    ·                     Eaton’s B-Line Long Span Weight Saving Cable Management Systems – that introduce cutting edge technology for cable management: from 9 meter long span cable tray to 1.2mm weight saving cable tray in stainless steel for jetty and offshore applications.


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