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  • EdTech, Utkarsh Classes Launches Digital Classroom on Wheels – the ‘Shiksha Rath’ to Revolutionise the Education Sector

    Published on April 13, 2022

       Aims to provide affordable education to 5 million students living in villages and remote areas

    Utkarsh Classes, one of the fastest growing EdTech companies in India, launches ‘Shiksha Rath’- a Digital Classroom on Wheels. This ‘Shiksha Rath’ is the first-of-its-kind initiative the company is rolling out to disrupt the learning system in North India by providing live digital learning experience to students in Rajasthan in the first phase.

    The ‘Shiksha Rath’ will act as enabler to spread awareness of the benefits of digital education amongst both parents and children. Since good teachers are scarce in many cities and villages, parents will now be able to see the working of a digital studio and experience how their children can have a better learning experience from top educators.

    Since Utkarsh Classes provides e-learning courses, for government recruitment and competitive exams and school education courses for classes 6th-12th, through the Utkarsh App at a very affordable fee, students will be able to meet and learn from their favourite educators in-person when this ‘Shiksha Rath’ visits their city.

    The ‘Shiksha Rath’ will begin its journey on April 13th from Jodhpur and travel to Ramdevra, a religious place in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. In the pilot phase, the ‘Shiksha Rath’ will cover the small towns & villages in Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Barmer districts.

    Dr. Nirmal Gehlot, Founder & CEO of Utkarsh Classes says, “We at Utkarsh believe in providing quality and affordable education to each and every household in the country. With Utkarsh completing over two decades of operations this year, we have launched this ambitious project to spread awareness about the benefits of digital education in the country and emphasize the role of good education and guidance required in shaping the future of our younger generations. Through this initiative, we aim to reach out to more than 5 million students in next 2 years. Our Shiksha Rath will initially travel to the Hindi heartland of the country- Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi. We will be launching 10 more Shiksha Raths across India in next 5 years.”


    What makes the Shiksha Rath special?

    The Shiksha Rath is enabled with a digital studio containing a 4k Smart Interactive Panel and high-resolution cameras. The digital classroom in the Shiksha Rath has high-speed internet connectivity, through which live classes will be conducted on various social media platforms. Just like the vanity van of a celebrity, the Shiksha Rath has all the facilities like bedroom, kitchen, dining area and washrooms.

    Shiksha Rath will identify the Hidden Gems of our Country

    Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. There are many good quality teachers who reside in small towns in our country, due to which their talent is not showcased and the masses are not

    yet benefitted from their expertise. The Digital Classroom on Wheels will enable such teachers to deliver their educational content through Utkarsh’s digital platforms to the students across the nation.

    YouTube Live Classes will seamlessly from the Shiksha Rath

    From this Shiksha Rath, the most admired current affairs educator of Utkarsh, Kumar Gaurav will inspire students across India and educate them on the importance of hard work & dedication in a successful career. The ‘Daily Current Affair Show’, India’s most watched education class on YouTube, will also broadcast from the Shiksha Rath in various regions of the country on a regular basis.


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