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  • Edverse, The World’s First & Largest Advanced Education Metaverse, On-boards the First School on the Platform

    Published on June 12, 2022

    ~ Collaborates with Panchkula’s prestigious school ‘Saint Soldier Divine Public School’ and Sainik School Chandrapur ~

    ~ Also signed up the world’s prominent Opera singer – Soula, launching a virtual Opera Singing Academy ~

    ~ Recently raised $700,000 in its initial seed round ~

    The promising educational start-up and most sought-after metaverse, Edverse, is thrilled to announce its first collaboration with one of the prestigious schools from Panchkula ‘Saint Soldier Divine Public School’ and Sainik School from Chandrapur. The company also signed up the world’s prominent Opera singer – Soula, launching a virtual Opera Singing Academy on Edverse.

    Interactive and promising platform, Edverse recently raised $700,000 in its initial seed round led by Crypto Oasis Sentio, blufolioAG, Vulcan Forged, TDeFi, Grizzly Capital, and Encryptus and other angel investors. These stakeholders profoundly bridge the ‘phygital’ divide enabling an ecosystem of limitless, interconnected learning.

    As Metaverse is making a realm in the Indian market, the education sector is seeing a considerable conversion and shifting over Metaverse. Online classes are becoming part of the new normal, and new promises are paving the way for innovation. Metaverse is the futuristic, experiential virtual learning platform that plays an extremely crucial role by enabling students to engage in highly interactive, engaging and fun live classroom sessions during the ongoing pandemic.

    It is the most immersive, interactive, and insightful educational metaverse offering vivacity of learning. Edverse, the world’s first and most significant advanced education metaverse, aims to bring together Educators, Learners, Creators and Promoters of education on a highly immersive 3D ed-scape that catapults the current day education system to the next level. In addition, the platform brings together decentralized and democratized education.

    Mr Yuvraj Krishan Sharma, Co-Founder, Edverse, said, “We are incredibly proud to share that no one in the Ed-Tech domain is currently offering the unique educational product we offer. The traditional way of education is mostly passive whereas online education is becoming a new norm of learning. With Metaverse entering the education segment, the learning methodology is witnessing a rapid evolution. It has increased engagement and enhanced the immersive experience that learners of the future would want. Metaverse will fill the gaps by giving immersive and interactive learning solutions to students. Edverse will enable those on its metaverse to upskill themselves in a never seen before immersive infrastructure. With its models like “Learn2earn” and “Wear2earn”, Edverse will open a new horizon of learning possibilities. Learning will become active and will boost student motivation and retention. We aim to contribute significantly to the $13 trillion metaverse economy globally by 2030.”

    Edverse extends excellence to four specific stakeholders – Learners, Educators. Promoters. Creators. Learners are the new generation of students pursuing subject knowledge, skills, and systemic improvements. Educators use the world’s most extraordinary archive of Ed-NFTs to empower future generations of learners. Creators on the platform can offer on-demand Ed-NFTs and become community certified. In addition, promoters can buy, sell, and rent land within Edverse to assist institution establishment and learning space creation.

    The recently entered platform, Edverse, is leveraging other emerging technologies such as 5G, blockchain-enabled data systems, AI-powered learning and remediation routines, machine learning-powered assessment algorithms, and shifting from 2D graphics on flat screens to 3D & highly immersive teaching-learning environments on various screens & HMDs. The Metaverse will enable the creation of an interactive digital world (in terms of people, places, and things) that will facilitate active exploration through extended reality (XR) platforms. Thereby transforming and elevating human interaction and learning spaces ushering in the next wave of innovation in education. The experienced team of experts and professionals who have created Edverse have previously successfully collaborated with leading mammoth global Pearson to provide an avant-garde immersive learning experience to over 200,000 learners.

    Taking the journey into the future, the teams of experts at Edvesre hope to improve the lives of 1.2 billion K-12 pupils and 250 million students by conducting a pioneering investigation into the possibilities of the Metaverse. In addition, the company intends to empower 85 million instructors and over 20,000 recognised HEIs globally.


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